habits of women who always have a clean home

7 Transformational Habits of Women Who Always Have Clean Homes

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Having a clean home always seems to be a never-ending task. In my home, a room can go from perfectly clean to completely destroyed in less than 2 minutes (thank you, toddlers)! If you’ve been striving to always have your home nice and tidy, keep reading for 7 habits of women who always have clean homes!

1. They Make Their Bed

Making your bed first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day – and your home! It feels so good to start the day off with a success. Once your bed is made, that pile of laundry right next to it looks out of place. So, you put that away, and then you notice something else. This is the best way to keep your home tidy because it starts a cycle and helps motivate you to keep the rest of the house tidy too!

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2. They Do Laundry Regularly

If you have a designated day for laundry, consider doing a load of laundry as soon as you have enough to fill a load instead. This way, it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming chore, and it helps with keeping rooms clean! Not seeing piles of clothes everywhere goes a long way in keeping a tidy house, plus, doing little bit by little bit will take less time than spending your whole Sunday washing dirty clothes.

3. They Keep Their Papers Organized

A great way to keep your home tidy is to have specific spots for all of your papers, mail, etc. Keep them organized, and if you can, out of sight. It’s these little things that can easily make an area look cluttered! If you don’t have a home office, many families love having a command center or wall mail holder to keep track of bills and receipts, whether it be in the kitchen or mudroom.

4. They Clean Their Refrigerator

For me, there are few things more satisfying than a clean and organized refrigerator. This too helps set the tone for the kitchen. If the fridge is clean, I want everything to be clean! Something our family has started doing is cleaning/reorganizing the fridge every week when we get groceries. It has helped immensely! And not only that, but it can kick the bad habit of buying food you don’t need because you can clearly see everything you have! If you want to take it a step further, then consider getting these fridge organizers to really up your tidy game.

habits of women who always have clean homes
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5. They Put Things Where They Belong Right Away

It’s simple. When you’re done using it, put it away. When you come home, put your shoes and coat where they belong. If you notice something is out of place, don’t move it to get it out of the way. Put it away in the moment so it doesn’t get missed later! This is one of the best things you can do to keep your home clean! Spend the extra 50 seconds it would take to put your shoes away now, rather than hours spent cleaning later because everything piled up. Try to get all of your family members on board too so everyone can benefit from a clean house.

And though deep cleaning the entire house on a daily basis isn’t all that realistic, it doesn’t take a lot of time to put things away where they belong right away. Did your shoes leave a muddy print in the mudroom? Break out the cleaning products. Little cleaning throughout the day is a great habit to get into!

6. They Wash Dishes as They Go

This one is huge! I love doing dishes as I cook, so when we eat as a family, I don’t have to worry about all of the dishes I need to do after. We take a few minutes after our meal to place everything in the dishwasher!

When your kitchen sink is clear of dirty dishes, it’s time to take a moment or so to look at your countertops, because a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen! Wiping down the coffee stains and bread crumbs throughout the day goes a long way into feeling like you have a tidy home.

7. They Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming can be a daunting task. Doing it regularly really can make a huge difference, especially if you have kids or pets. Or both! If this is a chore you truly hate or you simply don’t have much time for, then a robo-vacuum could be a great investment to help keep your floors clean!

Along with vacuuming regularly, get in the habit of cleaning up before you go to bed too. At the end of the day, do a quick scan of your home to make sure things are picked up because getting to walk out into your living room first thing in the morning and seeing things put away instantly puts you in a good mood! Taking the extra time at night to tidy is one of those simple habits that you’ll thank yourself for later.

When it comes to the habits of women who always have clean homes, the key is having a simple routine and simple tasks that you can accomplish each day. Your cleaning routine may even just be wiping down the coffee table or making sure you got one load of clean clothes done. It doesn’t need to be a lot!

I think we all need to give up the expectation that our house will be spotless 100% of the time, especially if you have pets or kids, but by implementing these habits, hopefully, we can get a few steps closer!

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habits of women who always have clean homes
habits of women who always have clean homes


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