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19 Habits All the Stylish Women Have

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In my opinion, a stylish woman is not someone that just has a good fashion sense. I’m talking about the type of fashion sense that can pick out cute/trendy items and everyone says, “Oh that girl is so stylish!” To me, truly stylish women are fashionably elegant and sophisticated. They look effortless because they have developed routines and customs over time that separate them from a woman that “just” has a good fashion sense to being a woman of style. Here are what those routines, customs, and habits are!

Stylish Women Habits

1. They take care of their items
Stylish women not only take pride in their appearance, but they take pride in their clothes as well. This means they don’t let mud linger on shoes and they get rid of shoe scuffs as soon as they find them. If a shirt is missing a button or pants have developed a hole then they stop wearing this item and repair it. This also means not throwing the finest sweaters in a heap on the floor when you’re doing wearing them, but instead doing everything to take care of your clothes from beginning to end.

2. They embrace neutrals
Stylish women don’t believe the lie that “every outfit needs a pop of color.” They know that neutrals are timeless and embrace the simple colors and designs.

3. They don’t rush getting ready
What good comes out of rushing? No good! When you rush to get ready you could have an outfit that doesn’t quite go, makeup that’s only half done, and hair that’s still in last night’s pony. Stylish women plan and set aside the proper time to get ready so they can show up where they need to be feeling and looking put together.

4. They plan out their outfit the night before
On the theme of not rushing in the mornings, stylish women know that having your outfit planned out ahead of time will most likely result in a better outfit and make the mornings go much smoother.

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5. They err on the side of less is more
Wearing a simple outfit is never a wrong move. There’s a time and a place for “more”, but when in doubt, always go with less. Whether that means fewer colors, pieces, prints, or accessories. The end result is timeless and classic.

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6. They dress for the occasion
A stylish woman shows up and dresses up for the occasion and takes the event into consideration to plan her outfit accordingly. Never under or overdressed, even if others are.

7. They pay attention to little styling details
Little styling details like tucking in your top or rolling your sleeves can make an outfit. Stylish women have a vast knowledge of styling details and use them when appropriate. On the note of paying attention to the details, stylish women won’t forget to iron or steam clothes if needed and are friends with a lint roller!

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8. They study classic fashion
Looking at the past can help you dress well for the future. Stylish women will study classic fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to get style ideas that would still work for today.

9. They weave trends in carefully
Fashion is what you’re offered. Style is what you do with it. Trends are fun and have their place, but that place is not taking up your entire wardrobe! A stylish woman will pick and choose what she wants to accept out of what’s being offered to her and make it her own in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by the world of fashion. Just don’t get consumed by it!

10. They rewear their favorites
A stylish woman is a smart woman. Why create an amazing outfit and wear it only once? Keeping track of the winners, stylish women will rewear their favorites and have fun enjoying the wheel, instead of trying to recreate it each time.

11. They elevate their look with an accessory
Depending on what you’re going for, not every outfit may need an accessory, but stylish women know the power of adding something whether it be a scarf, hat, watch, or earrings.

12. They like to be comfy, but skip full-on athleisure
To each their own, but gym clothes outside of the gym doesn’t exactly scream chic. Stylish women like to be comfy as much as the next, but they prefer to do it in sophisticated yet moveable fabrics, instead of wearing spandex head to toe.

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13. They save outfits they like and want to recreate
A stylish woman knows that there is inspiration and style all around her! She saves outfits she likes and puts her own spin on recreating them. She’ll find sources of inspiration (like this blog hehe) and find new ways to wear what she has.

14. They take the time to groom
Head to toe but especially nails, because chipped and cracked nails are something that everyone notices and it never says the right message about who you are.

15. They stay true to themselves
In a world where what’s hot is constantly changing, a stylish woman is going to stay true to herself and to her style, even if it’s not what’s “in” or trendy. And even if other people don’t like t!

16. They put their clothes away
How are you supposed to know what you have and what to wear if your clothes are scattered throughout your house? They will take the extra minutes needed to put clothes away instead of letting them accumulate in other rooms…and on the floor!

17. They know what looks good on them
A stylish woman is aware of her body and dresses to impress…herself. She’ll easily pass on something if she knows the color or style just doesn’t suit her or her lifestyle.

18. They know what they own
Stylish women are not drowning in giant wardrobes. Their wardrobes are intentional, curated, and filled with things they love and know they have. They also make it a habit to routinely go through their wardrobe and clean out anything that’s not meant to be there anymore.

19. They have fun with fashion
Yes, you can love classic fashion and love trying out new outfit combinations! A stylish woman knows that fashion is meant to be fun and original so they enjoy trying out new outfit combos and looks to put together something unique.

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Do you think there’s a difference between a stylish woman and a woman with a good fashion sense?

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