how to make your closet feel like a boutique

How to Make Your Closet Look Like a Boutique

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There’s no time like the new year to not only simplify and clean out your closet (and your life) but to organize, glam it up, and make it look like a boutique as well! Having a wardrobe/closet that is useable, aesthetically pleasing, and full of things you love is the perfect way to start off your day…and your year. Here are simple ways on how to make your closet look like a boutique!

How to Make Your Closet Look Like a Boutique

This post is going to go into all the ways on how to make your closet look like a boutique, but if you’re ready to start from the very beginning with your wardrobe, then you’d love my ebook on building a wardrobe from scratch. Now is the perfect time to start fresh!

how to make your closet feel like a boutique

Not trying to brag or anything…but whenever I’ve had people in my cloffice (closet + office) they’ve always said, “Wow! It feels like I’m at a boutique!” I take that as a very high compliment and felt maybe I knew enough to write about this subject. 😉

Shirts, Outerwear

Velvet hangers
Velvet hangers are really not that expensive and yet they’ll make your clothes feel like a million bucks. How much better would these be over mismatched colored plastic hangers? Much, much better.

Color options I recommend: beige, pink, gold, or black. We’re going for elevated, high class, and/or soothing. Just skip the loud colors! Unless of course, that is your boutique style. 🙂

Here are the ones I have. I love them! You can shop more via the widget below:

Tables for folded sweaters
One thing you’ll see a lot at boutiques is sweaters folded on tables. Of course, it’s for easy access for shoppers, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get use that idea to make our more expensive sweaters look nicer and last longer!

Find some beautiful tables that you can use to fold and display some of your nicest sweaters on. Something like a console table (this one looks great) could work!


Shoes thrown in a pile at the bottom of the closet is something we want to avoid. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can add wear to your shoes. Plus, how are you supposed to know what to wear if you don’t know what you have?

Stack your shoes up on a pretty bookshelf or a shoe rack. And just to clarify, when I say shoe rack, I mean something cool or chic. Not those flimsy fabric over the door hangers! Something like this, this, this, or this.

Don’t forget your boot shape holders either! This will instantly elevate your boots. I use these and they are so easy.

You don’t see my shoes on display in my cloffice just because there was a perfect little nook/closet area and I was able to put up a custom shoe rack there. If you have space, consider getting out your screws and drill and making something custom that will work perfectly for you!

white robe lifestyle morning photoshoot
my shoes are behind this curtain


You want your jewelry to be easy to see and grab so you can easily accessorize your look on the way out of the door. Think pretty trays, glass boxes, necklace holders, and mannequin hands. Put these pretty display cases on a nice bookshelf or console table. Not only does this make it easier to see and use, but jewelry doubles as decor too!

To clear up space and make things easy to see, try to put your hats on the wall! You can use an organizer like this, hooks, or try out some of creative hat wall ideas (like this one or this one).

how to make your closet feel like a boutique

Jeans, pants, and basic clothes don’t really need to be on display (unless you love them of course), so I’m going to assume that all your everyday clothes already have a place.

Now we get to move on to what I think is the most fun part of it all- decor! The decor is the final step on how to make your closet feel like a boutique. Like most things, it’s all in the details and these are the details you can’t miss:

1. Statement rug
This is mine and I LOVE it! But use the rug as a way to show some personality and/or tie your room all together. Maybe it’s animal print, a bold color, fur, or an interesting pattern.

2. Add a bench, chair, or ottoman
Something glam that makes you want to sit down and try some shoes on! Here’s mine.

3. Fancy chandelier/light
Bonus points if you get a ceiling medallion too! Or if the chandelier isn’t your style, find a unique light that will fit your vibe. Almost anything will be better than a ceiling fan or something builder basic!

4. Ornate mirror
How else are you going to see what you look like? Plus, there’s nothing quite like a mirror to remind you of being in a boutique. If you can splurge for something glam, do it! But at least spend more to get something bigger. No behind the door mirrors here! It needs to be a floor mirror to really have an impact. Large floor mirrors are very expensive and I myself am still working up the courage to get this one– it’s my dream!

5. Clothing rack
More than just a decor piece. You can use it to organize your outfits for the week or remind you of things you need to wear.

6. Mannequin
Just for fun! But you could actually try your clothes on the mannequin first if you wanted.

7. Wall art
Don’t forget your wall art! It’s probably best to skip the family pictures in this room though. For a boutique feel, look for fashion-forward or designer inspired prints. It doesn’t have to be fashion either if that’s not your style. You can go for abstract, modern, travel, or vintage. Etsy has a lot of great ones and I actually make some too! You can get free access to them if you’re on my mailing list. Try displaying cool shopping brands/boxes/bags too if you have them.

You can also shop in-store at places like Francesacas and Anthropologie to get more ideas too, but all or some of these ideas can instantly transform even the most basic room into a high-end classy boutique!

I would know. 😉 Have you seen my office before and afters??

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