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How to Wear Denim on Denim

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The denim-on-denim (or “double denim”) look has been in style for several years, and it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon! Long gone are the days when this style was considered a fashion faux pas, with many celebrities and off-duty models loving the cool-girl casual look. 

When styled correctly, wearing double denim is a great way to create an effortlessly stylish look that works for every season. And the best part is that you probably already have everything you need to pull off this style waiting in your own closet! 

How to Wear Denim on Denim

1. Pair Up Different Washes

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The number one thing to keep in mind when deciding to rock a denim-on-denim look is the color and/or wash of your denim pieces. Wearing contrasting colors of denim is a good way to avoid that infamous “Texas tuxedo” look and create an outfit that’s more stylish and flattering overall.

When putting your outfit together, remember two things: dark colors slim your figure, and light colors draw attention. The most popular way to wear double denim is with a darker wash of jeans and a lighter top, as it’s a great way to balance and slim your figure. But don’t be afraid to experiment with mix and match in order to find the perfect look for your style. Fashion is all about having fun, after all!

For a more toned-down look, you can also always opt for using white denim, which is very to style. A white denim jacket or pair of jeans looks great when paired with the traditional blue, especially for the spring and summer.

2. Use Accessories to Your Advantage

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If you find yourself with two denim pieces that are very similar or identical in color and wash, this is your time to break up that sea of blue with some contrasting accessories!

A great belt, especially when paired with high-waisted jeans, works wonders for drawing attention to your waistline and creating a sleeker look. You can also add in extra color and or pattern with bold scarves, hats, bags, statement jewelry, or shoes. 

3. Make a Note of Proportions

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Pairing a denim button-up and skinny jeans is a go-to style for those looking to rock a denim-on-denim look, but don’t be afraid to mix things up with different silhouettes!

If you’re going for a pair of wide-leg jeans or culottes, go for a top that’s snugger to your body. This will create a more streamlined appearance and prevent you from looking like you’re drowning in fabric. Inversely, an oversized slouchy denim jacket would be best when paired with a pair of skinny jeans or fitted flare leg jeans.

Additionally, make sure all of your denim pieces fit you perfectly. This is an important factor when creating any outfit, but especially so if you’re going for a full double denim look. Skinny jeans that are slouchy or a too-tight denim top can create an unflattering effect that will make it even more difficult to style.

4. Work Non-Denim Garments into Your Look

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Is a full denim look still a bit too bold for your taste? Just like with accessories, you can even further break up the look by implementing some non-denim pieces from your wardrobe.

Adding in a blazer or chic coat will not only tone down the look of double denim but can elevate your look to one that’s a bit more put-together for certain occasions. You can also go the opposite route by throwing on a leather jacket for a bit of edge.

Additionally, wearing a blouse, sweater, or even a basic white tee with a denim jacket and jeans is another easy way to try out this style without going all-out.

While the double denim look isn’t for everybody, it’s still a fun way to get creative with what you have in your closet and maybe even discover outfits you hadn’t thought of! By following these tips and tricks, you can create a denim look that’s chic and far from a fashion disaster (à la Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake).

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