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Milwaukee Weekend iPhone Photo Diary

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This past weekend, Titus and I took a little weekend getaway to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. 8 years later, we still look at each other and say, “Can you believe we started off as camp crushes? And that people let us get married so young?” 😉

We say the last part as a joke because now that we’re so old and wise (ha), it seems like we were just babies when we officially started our lives together. Though I don’t recommend that everyone get married young, I’ve witnessed enough couples to know that age isn’t the deciding factor in a successful marriage.

I know couples that “do it right” by going to college and getting established before they decide to tie the knot with their partner in their late 20s-early 30s.

But years later, doing it “the right way” isn’t enough to ward off arguments, disagreements, and discontentment.

People will tell you, “Don’t get married young because you’re still changing.” News flash: You’re always changing! The key is learning to change together.

Of course, getting established is a good thing and you’ve got to use your head on your shoulders. This isn’t me “pro young marriage” or “pro waiting until you’re older”. This is me “pro knowing that marriage is hard and you’ve got to learn to forgive and sacrifice whether you’re 19 or 39.”

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Nobody asked me for my marriage advice, but there it is!

And now to the real point of this post- here is an iPhone photo diary from our weekend getaway to Milwaukee, WI!

First, we kicked off the weekend with a little treat. I go through phases with what drink I’m into and currently, I love matcha lattes with oat milk!

Getting breakfast at one of my favorite spots in Milwaukee: Le Rêve Patisserie & Café. The atmosphere, presentation, aesthetic, and baked goods are divine!

Snapped this photo of this fabulous woman. Check out her linen ensemble, pop of red sandals, minimalist bag, pearl earrings, and low chignon…très chic.

Milwaukee over 50 street style

After discovering Villa Terrace Arts Museum, I can’t go to Milwaukee now without stopping by and swooning at the beautiful European details.

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And do you notice the beautiful limewashing? That’s what we did on one of our homes!

Stopped by one of Milwaukee’s institutions, Glorioso’s Italian Market, to pick up some lunch for our long-anticipated beach day. Got some sparkling water and pizza for a picnic at Bradford Beach.

We weren’t a fan of all the people, noises, and smells, so we moved to a deserted spot on the rocks.

It was more comfortable than it looks! Using Titus as a pillow, of course. Plus, it was way more peaceful. You can’t put a comfort price on peacefully listening to the water hit the rocks.

We brought some reading materials and got lost in our books for hours.

Took a break from reading for some delicious ice cream.

Got ourselves cleaned up for our fancy anniversary dinner at Lake Park Bistro!

The next morning, we found another adorable boulangerie to get coffee and croissants from.

Enjoyed snapping pictures of my anniversary gift. 😉

After walking through some of North Shore and looking at some of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen, it was time to make the trek back to our kiddos.

For someone that thinks travel always has to be grand, it was a delightful surprise to thoroughly enjoy a weekend away in the midwest.

But there’s one other place we really love in the midwest. Check it out in the next post!

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