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My Husband Challenged Me to Make This Item From Goodwill Look Good…

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When out shopping for the last husband goodwill challenge, this shirt caught my husband’s eye and he challenged me to make it look good. I accepted without seeing the piece. Game on! I really had no idea what to expect! When I finally saw this item I was pretty speechless haha. Okay, that’s a lie, I did have words. It was wow, yikes, and wow. 😉

Here’s what he picked out:


It’s not my style and he knew this (it is a challenge after all), but I was determined to make it look somewhat good!

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I chose white skinny jeans for a more modern approach and a blazer because I was not a fan of the color or print and I wanted to cover it up as much as I could 😉 Plus I thought it matched the business vibe of the shirt with the buttons and collar.

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goodwill-outfit-challenge goodwill-outfit-challenge

The long ties in the front are supposed to make a bow but it was such an awkward place for a bow. And the ties weren’t even that long so it didn’t quite form a bow. It was like hey everyone, take a look at my nubby nub.  So instead, I wrapped the flaps around and I actually kinda liked that new detail.

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I added my black bag because structure makes anything look more expensive. And heels of course, because that always classes up a look.

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His thoughts behind the piece: “I liked that this top was a color and print that she wouldn’t like to make it a true challenge for her. I didn’t like thinking she could actually make it work because I wanted to win. But she did make it work and I lost…but that’s okay. I’m very impressed by how she made it work and used the different features like the flaps in the front to make it look better.”

I think there’s a difference between just being trendy and having style. I feel like anyone can wear the latest trends, but style is about being able to create. Not saying I’m amazing at it, but I like being able to stretch my skills and mind at times!

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goodwill goodwill-outfit-challenge

How do you think I did? How would you have styled this? Let me know in the comments!

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