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  1. You did a fantastic job with the blouse! I loved the blouse color pattern and only wish it were my size and I would take it off your hands!! Ha!

  2. Ok your blog is officially the CUTEST thing ever! I found you because I saw a comment you had made on another blog ( and I’m so glad I did! I love how your site is laid out! 🙂 Your hair is really cute, and let’s talk about this post for a second- I’m amazed you were able to take your husband’s challenge and SLAY it! I love how you were able to style the piece, I’m the worst with styling clothes haha, so this really is amazing to me! So cute!

    XXOO Sunny

  3. HAHA I actually laughed out loud at the “hey everyone, look at my nubby nub”! You crack me up. But girl, you rocked this! You actually made this top work really well!

  4. omg this challenge is so much fun! i love thrifting and maybe will have to try this challenge one day soon. that top is hard to style but you did such a great job at making it look good!

  5. OK so all my friends always find the most amazing things at Goodwill and for some reason I don’t find anything! I think there has to be a trick to it or something! But you totally aced your husband’s challenge!

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