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15 No-Fail Ways To Look Polished

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When I think of a polished look, images of stylish women like Audrey Hepburn come to mind. Elegant outfits that stand the test of time and a well-groomed appearance are exactly what to aim for if you love this fashion aesthetic too. From having a grooming routine to simply remembering that less is more, follow these no-fail ways to look polished!

1. Find a Variety of Your Favorite High-Quality Fabrics

The first thing to do is discover quality fabric materials to incorporate into your looks. Fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, fine silk, and linen all have an expensive feel, so when buying new clothes, stick to these high-quality materials.

If you come across clothes where the large majority of the fabric is made from rayon, acrylic, or polyester, proceed with caution. These fabrics tend to age poorly and it usually doesn’t take long for them to start losing their color and shape. Higher-quality fabrics are more expensive, but they have a very polished look.

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2. Add a Jacket to Your Outfit

The easiest way of looking instantly polished? Finish off your outfit with a nice jacket. From a tweed jacket to a blazer, there are so many versatile pieces you can pick to add that finishing polishing touch to your outfit.

A quality jacket is a great option to elevate a casual outfit and is a classic piece worth including in your closet.

3. Focus on Your Grooming Routine

Not taking good care of your face, teeth, skin, and hair can make your outfit look less than polished. A good grooming routine and a classic wardrobe go hand-in-hand. Work on your skincare routine for radiant skin and your makeup routine for a natural look. Consider using teeth whitening toothpaste and make an effort to have clean nails.

Of course, you are still beautiful even without doing these things and the goal should never be to try to live up to society’s standards, but these little details will be the best finishing touch to your overall look!

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4. Dress From Your Capsule Wardrobe

It’s a given that having a capsule wardrobe is one of the best no-fail ways to look polished. Not only will your wardrobe have everything you need to achieve your best style, but picking an outfit will be stress-free and all the pieces in your closet will go together seamlessly.

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5. Dress in a Matching Set

Whether it’s matching colors or matching styles, a tried-and-true approach to looking polished is by dressing up in a matching set.

Try different ways of matching set styles. You can take the Coco Chanel approach and wear a tweed blazer with a matching skirt or match styles such as a blazer with dress pants. The other best part about matching sets? It is one of the quickest ways to get ready in the morning!

6. Have Go-To Uniforms

The best way to look effortlessly polished is by having a signature style for your day-to-day routine. Not only will it make your fashion life approximately 98% easier, but it will help you define and hone in on your personal aesthetic too.

Find your go-to outfit formulas and stick to them. For an outfit formula that is far from boring, go for straight-leg jeans, a white tee, and a black blazer.

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7. Remember That Less Is More

A general rule of thumb to looking polished is following a less is more approach to styling. Adding too many accessories or layers to a look is not the way to achieve a polished finish.

Pare down your outfits to the essentials (like a basic tee or sweater) and try not to overload your look with pieces that have no purpose.

8. Avoid Too Many Logos

We all love a good designer logo, but don’t let logos be the focus of your outfit. Having too many logos is distracting and can be tacky. If you have a designer accessory like a belt, bag, or sunglasses, don’t wear them all at once.

For the most impact, pick one logo piece for your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit logo-free.

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9. Invest in a High-Quality Watch

A high-quality watch is an unsung wardrobe staple. It helps to transform an outfit from underwhelming to chic. This understated accessory is a must-have in your closet, but try not to settle for a cheap version. For a polished ensemble, you’ll want a high-quality watch that will last and look amazing with all your outfits.

10. Wear Black, White, or Beige

You certainly aren’t limited to only these and there are different colors you can try, but the best colors to wear are usually neutral shades.

This color palette is always in season and when purchased in classic pieces like white sneakers, a crisp white shirt, black pants, and a beige sweater, they’ll be great pieces to wear all year round. Neutrals are also essential because you can team them up with bold colors like classic reds too!

11. Match Your Pedicure With Your Manicure

Frequently overlooked, one of the easiest no-fail ways to look polished is to match your nails. Pick the same neutral color for your manicure and pedicure as this will help to make the rest of your outfit look very expensive and well put together.

Just imagine wearing brown sandals with a nude pedicure and nude fingernails with a signet ring. Perfect classy summer look!

12. Have a Go-To Hairstyle

Having a go-to hairstyle is just as essential as a go-to uniform. If you think about chic fashion icons, they had signature hairstyles.

Let’s take Audrey Hepburn for example. She either rocked a bob or pixie cut and these looks made her outfits extra refined and highlighted her best features. Visit a professional to find hairstyles that complement your face and personal style!

13. Practice Good Posture

Complete your polished outfits with good posture. The way you carry yourself is just as important as the outfit you are wearing. Try not to hunch your back or slouch as you walk.

Not only does this give off negative nonverbal cues, but it won’t showcase your quality blazer in the best way! Try to straighten your back and keep your head up to keep your outfit looking as elegant as possible.

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14. Stop Shopping for Instagram

If you’re buying something you don’t really like because you feel influenced, then you’re shopping for Instagram. But you’re not alone, a lot of people dress for Instagram and this can impact your purchasing decisions.

When shopping this way, usually your entire wardrobe will be filled with trendy items that don’t offer you a polished look. Instead of trying to keep up with Instagram fashion trends, have your signature style to focus on.

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15. Be Open to Change

Polished women aren’t boring women. Try fresh, new ways to wear your same pieces! Retire tired and outdated outfit ideas to create new fashionable looks. Sometimes it can be boring to wear the same basic tee all the time and that’s okay to feel that way.

Be open to change by trying out new go-to pieces. Maybe instead of wearing your favorite basic t-shirt, you switch it out for a comfortable marinière shirt instead!

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If you ever wondered how to look polished, following these no-fail ideas will show you how.

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