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NYFW Day 2

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Day 2

Day 2 started off with a blizzard! I don’t know if I didn’t check the weather well enough or if it just popped out of nowhere…but either way, I was not packed well enough for this.

We started the morning getting bagels and coffee at Murray’s bagels. For my first show, I was going to wear a jumpsuit under my coat and heels, though first I had to wear sneakers around town and I was going to change when I got closer to the show. Because we were doing public transportation and walking everywhere, I quickly saw my plan would not work to wear sneakers or heels.

My poor ankles were exposed all morning with bitter wind and ice whipping against my skin. Many New Yorkers kept yelling at me to put boots on. I yelled back “I know!”. I definitely looked out of place and knew I didn’t want to walk up to my first show looking like a poor, wet dog. There was not enough time to go back to my hotel and change my whole outfit so I went to the first store I could find and bought some boots. I was freaking out at this point because I was cutting it way too close on time and didn’t want to be late!

new york fashion week new york fashion week

It all worked out though. I didn’t love my boot purchase though (total buyers remorse here) because A.) not totally my style, B.) they were more than what I’d want to spend on boots and C.) they were a size too small
*enter monkey emoji covering its face* <—-pretty sure that means I’m embarrassed?

But I figured it was better to show up on time and looking good than with frozen heels or even to be late! It did pay off though because as I was walking up a lot of street style photographers ran over and took my picture! That was kinda a fun moment. Though I’ve been looking at the street style websites and can’t find my photo…I guess knowing what publication they work for helps 😉 Oh well!

My first show was Nicholas K. That was pretty fun and a good first experience! I even had a good view. So basically if you’re not a celebrity, editor, or someone very influential that sits in the front row, you get a “standing” ticket. Though I’ve come to figure out standing just means you’re anywhere but the front row. I got second rows for all the shows I went to!

new york fashion week new york fashion week

I always had a thought that runway fashion was outlandish, but unless it’s been changing over the years or it was the designer I went to, I was wrong! Nicholas K had a lot of pieces I would wear. It was comfy chic dressed up with awesome boots.

new york fashion week new york fashion week

I sat next to Ebbie, from The Part Time Enthusiast, and it was nice to chat with her! The lights dim and the music starts before the models walk out. If you saw my stories you saw that they had a live singer. I thought it was just a really cool DJ until the singer started to walk through the runway between the models and stood right next to me. That was pretty fun!

new york fashion week new york fashion week

Shows are pretty short…it takes more time to get everything settled than the actual show. I left right after and met up with Titus. In hindsight I wish I would have stayed around longer because they have free coffee and water, a couple lounges to recharge, and the Tresemme studio was doing complimentary hair. Oh well, maybe next time!

new york fashion week new york fashion week

I only had one show that day so we spent the rest of the day sightseeing. One thing I found out very quickly that I love about New York is the fact that anything could happen. You never know what event will happen or who you’ll see! That’s what happened when we went to the Grand Central Station next. There’s way more than just trains happening… to my surprise. There are restaurants, stores, events, etc.

new york fashion week new york fashion week

Hallmark had a “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” event which was so much fun! They had little stations throughout a blocked off part upstairs. There was a photo booth station, art station, champagne station, and you could meet Brett Young…all free!

For those that don’t know Brett young is an American country singer, so if you’re not into country music or don’t listen to that station you probably don’t know he has many hit songs including “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Sleep Without You.” I married into the country music love and Titus was actually the one that pointed him out to me!

new york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week

We hit up Ralph’s Coffee afterward…a coffee shop inside of Ralph Lauren! It was quiet, pretty, and a nice place to take a breather.

new york fashion week new york fashion week new york fashion week new york fashion week

Then we headed back to the hotel, got ready, and headed off to the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo pop up show event and I got to meet her! She’s a model, socialite, and basically just a style icon. It was crazy being in the midst of the press and bodyguards and I found it very overwhelming. I don’t know how those famous people do it!

new york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week  new york fashion week

Here are some better photos of my outfit and the snow!

new york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week new york fashion week

All in all, it was a super eventful day full of many memories…stay tuned for day 3 of NYFW!

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