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9 Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing Your Wardrobe, Answered

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An organized closet is your secret weapon to a perfect outfit and a stress-free morning. Whether you have a small closet or a walk-in closet, your space deserves some knockout closet organization ideas. Think about it: It is the home base of your beloved clothes. To avoid your space from clothes getting piled up at the back of the closet, follow these strategies when organizing your wardrobe.

1. How do you organize your clothes storage?

The best way to organize your extra clothes storage is with fabric bins. This will give your storage space a neat and clean look. For hanging clothes, it’s important that you prioritize the placement of your clothes, such as everyday items at eye level and delicate smaller items on the upper shelves.

2. How to store clothes without having to fold them?

A good idea would be to hang them on closet rods with color-coordinated hangers. Hanging clothes on a bedroom closet door is another best place to store clothes. You should also consider using clothing racks or a peg rail to hang your clothes.

3. How do you put clothes in a drawer?

Take cues from professional organizers and use storage systems in your drawers. A pro tip would be to use drawer dividers. The dividers will segment your clothes and keep them stashed neatly. Another extra tip is to put your clothes in categories. You could dedicate a drawer to a specific type of clothing. For example, one drawer for underwear and another for workout clothes.

4. How do you hang plus-size clothes?

Velvet hangers are perfect for plus-size clothes. They stop the clothes from falling off and create extra space. To ensure your necklines hang perfectly, you can pick hangers that are extra wide.

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5. How do you fold clothes neatly?

It depends on the garment type. But you can follow these general top tips when folding clothes:

  • 1.) Fold one side toward the center and fold the other side the same way (your garment should now be a rectangle)
  • 2.) Bring the bottom up to the top, (reducing the size of your garment by half)
  • 3.) Smooth out the square and place it in your drawer
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6. How do you fit clothes in a small room?

The first step is to create seasonal piles and store the off-season clothes in vacuum storage bags. You could also use foldable fabric bins. They are very easy to fold away in a drawer or cabinet to create extra wardrobe space when not in use. Another idea to try is to store items on adjustable shoe racks. This will ensure that the space on the ground is not going to waste.

7. How can I reuse worn clothes?

I have good news: Your old items can be reused with some easy steps. If they have some holes, you can take them to a tailor to get mended. And if there are stain marks, pre-treat them with prewash stain remover. You could also pair your worn clothes with a new item! Your old garment will look instantly new and fresh.

8. How do you recycle clothes at home?

Your button-down shirts can be transformed into chic pillow covers. Short-sleeved shirts can also be recycled into fabric covers. Pieces of bulky sweaters are also great for creating napkin rings, a lampshade, candleholder sleeves, and candle sleeves.

9. What can you do to old clothes?

As long as your clothes are still in good condition, you can earn extra money by selling your clothes on online consignment shops. Try platforms like Depop, Poshmark, and Thredup. However, if you are not interested in selling clothes online, you can donate them to charities like the Salvation Army.

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This step-by-step guide to organizing your wardrobe will help you create a functional space and save you so much stress of looking for what to wear.

Having an organized room is just as important as a closet. If you need help keeping your room organized, follow these next useful tips.

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