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What I Got vs How I Styled It | Everlane Edition

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There are a lot of Tiktok trends out there that I happily let fly right by me, but there is one that I do like: what I got (or bought) vs how I styled it. Because some people feel stuck on how to actually wear something once it’s hanging in their closet and they need inspiration. After all, finding the right wardrobe pieces to wear is only half of the battle! If you don’t know how to style what you have, that can bring confusion and frustration. Seeing how someone is styling something can help you see how you can style it too. With that being said, here are some new Everlane pieces and how I’m styling them!

1. The Felted Merino Half-Zip Sweater

Half-zip sweaters have been circulating around more and more lately. I for one like this style. It’s a slightly elevated casual basic. And even though it’s snowing where I am, I know many of you live in warmer climates so I wanted to showcase how you could potentially still wear this in your version of fall/winter.

The biker shorts and sneakers add a casual touch to this outfit while the button-down and trench coat elevate it. The end result is casual chic. In my midwest climate, I’d pair this with jeans, ankle boots, and a tee.

This particular sweater is comfy and oversized, but I found it can look a little bulky around the middle, depending on how you style it. Next time I wear it (because I definitely want to), I’m going to wear a fitted shirt underneath it instead.

Worth adding to your wardrobe? I think so!

2. The Alpaca Crew

This is my second alpaca crew sweater from Everlane. They’re that good! I look forward to wearing them because they’re so soft and cozy on my skin. I really like the crewneck detail as well, because with v-necks, sometimes you have to worry about them slipping and exposing certain things. (Not to say I don’t like v-necks of course, all sweaters have their place!)

My go-to look is usually a sweater tucked into jeans, but I wanted to show how this could be dressed up. The slip skirt and boot combo is feminine and chic and these tones are perfect for fall.

The only downside of this specific color (almond) is that it is a little see-through. Not the end of the world, but not ideal either. To be honest, I’m shocked at the $100 price tag. It feels like it should cost way more.

Worth adding to your wardrobe? Yes, but not in almond (unless you don’t care about it being see-through).

3. The Dream Pant

The dream pants are, for lack of a better word, a dream. They are comfortable yet look pulled together and chic. Working from home, I’m always on the lookout for comfortable clothes that still look nice. These pants are probably the best I’ve come across for polished pants that feel like sweats. I want to buy a few more colors- and I never do that.

I decided to style these comfy pants in a chic way, to show how you can still look classy while being comfortable. A marinière shirt from Sézane can always add a touch of class.

Of course, these can be styled comfy as well, such as with the alpaca crew sweater from above!

Worth adding to your wardrobe? If you have a need for them, definitely!

4. The Way High Drape Pants

I have this same pair in a different color and they’re a favorite, though unfortunately, the hem came loose not too long ago and I had to mend it myself. That’s disappointing, as I expected more at this price point, but it’s not enough for me to stop trying. So I picked up a black pair.

I still love the drapey fit with the fitted waist. They’re not restricting yet they look tailored and nice! These pants are supposed to be long and drapey, but you can get a shorter inseam. Maybe not best for petite girls, however. Fingers crossed this pair wears better.

Because there is so much fabric to the pants, I find it best to pair something fitted with these types of bottoms for balance and good proportions. I reach for this striped number again and again. It’s the perfect thin and fitted top to wear with oversized bottoms.

Lastly, I chose block heel shoes to lift the pants off the ground. FYI, this fabric can wrinkle easily and I think the black color is better than my khaki pair when it comes to hiding them.

Worth adding to your wardrobe? Yes, with stipulations. If your height is on the shorter side, then the length may not work for you. And even with the shorter inseam, you may need to wear shoes with some height.

5. The Alpaca Waffle-Stitch Polo

Just as comfy as my other Everlane sweaters, this pick is perfect for the fall/winter season. It has a pretty open knit and it’s thin, so knowing this for what it is, a thin shirt, I used it as an opportunity to break out my handy dandy striped layering shirt to add extra coverage and a pop of print.

The lug sole loafers pair well with these roomier jeans, but you could wear this sweater with dress pants as well.

Worth adding to your wardrobe? Maybe. It may require you to wear something underneath and that feels a little not worth it for the price.

6. The High-Ankle Glove Boot in ReKnit

An old style that hit its peak in popularity a few years ago, sock boots are nothing new. But even in 2022, Everlane’s knit boots are worth considering.

The pull of these is the high knit material that wraps around your ankle and calf that makes it feel as if you have the comfort of a sock with the elevation of a heel.

You can wear these with dresses or skirts, but I wanted to highlight the ease of wearing them with slim jeans or pants, as I know many people struggle to find the right boots to wear with their jeans. (Separate in-depth post coming on that by the way!)

Worth adding to your wardrobe? They are on the pricier side, so if they fit in your budget, then most definitely yes. If not, there are other similar styles out there!

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I was gifted these clothes, but I chose to write this post on my own because Everlane is a place I shop at anyway, and I wanted to showcase ideas on how you could style these clothes in real life!

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what i got vs what i got Everlane edition
what I got vs how I styled it Everlane


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