Parisian street style outfits

20 Parisian Outfits I Captured on the Street, Part 2

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It’s one thing to have an idea about what Parisian style is and to know the wardrobe staples you need in your wardrobe. (Loafers? Check. Blazer? Check.) And it’s another to see how Parisians are wearing these items. Check out these 20 Parisian outfits I captured on the streets of Paris to get ideas of outfit ideas you could put together that the Parisians are wearing right now!

1. navy blazer + black dress + tights + ankle boots + handbag

Possibly on her way to work, this Parisian has crafted a business chic outfit. Breaking the “rules” and wearing blue and black together creates a sophisticated look. I love not only how the silhouette of the bag is unique and not like something you’ve seen before, but the cognac leather adds a pop of color and texture.

street style outfits in Paris

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2. peacoat + dress pants + ballet flats + handbag

If you want to take a break from your jeans, do as the Parisians do and don a pair of dress pants in a neutral hue instead. With a classy coat, structured handbag, and feminine ballet flats, the finishing look is timeless, tailored, and smart.

street style outfits in Paris

3. scarf + motorcycle jacket + jeans + loafers

Yes, scarves are a must-have wardrobe piece, but scarves are not limited to only being the iconic silk scarf knotted around the neck. Long, cotton scarves that you can casually wrap around your neck are perfect for style and the in-between weather. A moto jacket makes a great transition piece for the seasons and adds a nice contrast to white jeans and feminine shoes.

street style outfits in Paris

4. trench coat + tights + Chelsea boots + crossbody bag

Sturdy boots, such as Chelsea boots or Doc Martins are not only practical, but they look great with classic pieces like a trench coat. By the way, have you been seeing canvas tote bags a lot in these posts? It’s not a fashion statement (necessarily), but a useful item that a lot of Parisians carry as they go about their day.

street style outfits in Paris

5. blazer + dress pants + loafers + hoops

Slightly oversized blazer and pants, yet it works as a classic outfit. Notice the hoop earrings and hint of a chain crossbody bag. Chain crossbody bags are a popular style to keep your hands free, not to mention the chain adds a little bit of polish to your outfit. Simple jewelry, such as hoops, can add a finishing touch to any look.

street style outfits in Paris

6. cardigan + tee + jeans + loafers + crossbody bag

Want a simple outfit for meeting your friends at the cafe? (Like where this photo was taken.) An oversized cardigan looks casual chic when paired with a simple top, skinny jeans, and loafers. When looking to elevate your basics, take inspiration from the classic loafers that are in a fresh white color featuring a gold bar- a nice break from your basic black.

street style outfits in Paris

7. motorcycle jacket + draped striped shirt + wide-leg pants + sneakers

For a casual yet cool model-off-duty look, take inspiration from this outfit. A moto jacket paired with sneakers and wide-leg pants reads casual yet stylish. Draping a striped shirt over your jacket adds a dose of interest and style.

street style outfits in Paris

8. blazer + pearl earrings + black-rimmed glasses

Though you don’t see much, you can see enough to gather inspiration for those over 50. You are never too old to wear a classic blazer and in fact, it’s one of the best things you could wear to look chic. Take inspiration from the little things that add up to the overall look, such as the pearl stud earrings, black-rimmed glasses, and subtle color on the lip.

street style outfits in Paris

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9. scarf + blouse + cardigan + dress pants + crossbody + mary jane pumps

Neutrals yet it feels fresh. A white printed blouse paired with white shoes and a cognac-colored bag all adds spring color to this otherwise black look. Take notes that layers, such as a scarf and cardigan, all add interest to this outfit as well.

street style outfits in Paris

10. blush blazer + skinny jeans + crossbody bag + oxfords

To dress for the spring season, consider swapping out your navy or black blazer for a tan or blush alternative. The same classic silhouette yet in a hue that reads spring. Though skinny jeans aren’t as common, they are still being worn, and usually with a small cuff or two at the ankles. This subtle styling tip makes the jean style feel a little bit fresh.

street style outfits in Paris

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11. black coat + scarf + tights + heels

A raincoat meets trench coat feels elevated and unique in a darker color with silver buckles. Yet, the scarf, tights, and pumps keep this look feeling classy and classic at the same time.

street style outfits in Paris

12. trench coat + pants + loafers

This outfit showcases a few wardrobe staples you’ll see over and over again, and sometimes even all in the same outfit. Is Parisian style overdone and over the top? I think this outfit answers that question!

Parisian street style outfits

13. trench coat + tights + ankle boots

A trench coat is a classic, yes, but they don’t all have to be beige. Once you’ve got that staple color covered, take inspiration from this woman and consider adding a new hue to your wardrobe to liven up your looks.

Parisian street style outfits

14. beige blazer + light wash straight jeans + pink high top converse

Tuck this outfit away if you’re looking for a casual spring outfit. A light-colored blazer with light wash jeans and the pink high-top converse is a millennial way of looking spring classic. (Though you certainly can wear pink high-tops no matter your age!)

Parisian street style outfits

15. trench coat + wide-leg jeans + boots

Boots while bike riding…why not? These flared wide-leg jeans are a refreshing break from skinnies and pair nicely with heeled boots. Topped off with a trench coat, this classic look can be worn by all ages.

Parisian street style outfits

16. jacket + mini skirt + lug sole boots

Lug sole boots had a moment in fall/winter and if you still want to continue getting wear out of them, pair them with a mini skirt (sans tights) for the warmer months. If you need to add layers, layer on top, and your overall look reads funky yet fresh.

Parisian street style outfits

17. blazer + skirt + socks + slip-on shoes

Though admittedly I think these shoes look a little like something you’d change out of before heading into the office, they do look a little funky fresh when paired with the calf socks and skirt. A blazer with hair casually tucked in the collar comes across as effortlessly cool.

Parisian street style outfits

18. trench coat + scarf + straight leg jeans + oxfords

A trench coat doesn’t have to be calf-length to be chic (though it sure doesn’t hurt). Simple and sweet, this is an outfit you can’t go wrong with. Top off with a scarf for added warmth and style.

Parisian street style outfits

19. floral dress + blazer + loafers + crossbody bag

The structured and classic blazer paired with the feminine dress and statement blue patent loafers makes this a perfect outfit combination for spring. Classic yet fresh!

Parisian street style outfits

20. oversized blazer + straight leg jeans + ankle boots

Tailored wardrobe pieces are great, but a slightly oversized fit can still be chic. If you like a casual-chic aesthetic, then look for the same closet staples but in a less form-fitting silhouette.

Parisian street style outfits

As you can see from these 20 outfit ideas, Parisian fashion is wearing the wardrobe staples in a way that is not only timeless, but fresh too.

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20 paris street style outfits
Parisian street style outfits


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