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6 Fashion Rules You Should Break

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I often get asked lots of fashion questions such as, if wearing white jeans in winter is okay, if you should roll your skinny jeans with ankle boots, and are flared jeans in?

I love being able to help and answer these fashion questions, but I admit it’s hard for me to give those questions good answers (sorry, everyone) because I don’t believe in “fashion rules” and doing things a certain way. I believe in doing things your own way, so on that note, here are the outdated fashion rules you should break!

Fashion Rules You Should Break

1. “You can’t wear brown and black together.”
Break, break, and break! First off, a top print (leopard) has both brown and black in it, so I think that’s a good sign that these colors are meant to go together. I think that if you can find something in nature, then it’s a safe bet that they pair well together. I also think navy and black go together too!

2. “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.”
You can wear white whenever you please! It gives a fresh look all year round and looks extra cozy in the winter too.

3. “You should cuff your skinny jeans with ankle boots.”
Admittedly this can be the hardest one as you don’t want the joining of your jeans and boots to look awkward or cut you off.

Personally, I like the “don’t care” vibes of stuffing your jeans into your boots. To each their own, but I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules about what you should do.

4. “You can’t show your socks.”
No-show socks came out and then it became a fashion faux pas to let anyone know you wear socks! When done right, I think it can make a chic statement. So what’s doing it wrong? IMO, it would be having it look unintentional and like you are showing them on accident!

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5. “Each outfit should have a pop of color.”
Pish, posh, there is nothing wrong with an all-black or monochromatic look. In fact, it’s very elevated!

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6. “Take off something before you leave the house.”
Now I’m all about simplicity, but sometimes more is more and it looks totally good, especially when you have lots of accessories or that one statement item!

I’d like to say I’m influenced by trends, but not defined by them. Does that sound like you too?

If skinny jeans are what’s popular, I’m still going to wear my mom jeans, just because I like them. At the end of the day, wear whatever you want and whatever makes you feel confident. Whether it’s popular or not. Dress for yourself. Not for others. After all, true style is your unique take on fashion, not just regurgitating whatever is already out there!

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