what clothes make you look thinner

What Clothes Make You Look Thinner? Here’s Your Answer!

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A lack of body confidence is something that we all deal with from time to time. Whether you’re having an off-day or wanting to hide a few extra pounds, there’s a few tips and tricks that you can use to look thinner. Clothing can be all about how you style it, after all, and it’s easy to create a slimming effect! If you’re wondering what clothes make you look thinner, then keep reading this list for ten ways your clothing can do just that! 

1. Start with Your Undergarments

The first way to help your clothes make you look thinner is to focus on your undergarments. You want to make sure that your bra fits you and keeps everything in. If you find that you’re spilling out the sides, it’s time to go up a cup size or two. Your bra should lift your chest up from your mid-rift to help create an hourglass silhouette.

You also want to consider your underwear. A visible panty line is one way to draw attention to your lumps and bumps. Find a pair of seamless briefs that fit you comfortably and smooth everything out.

2. V-Shaped Necklines

When choosing your neckline, look for a v-shape. It naturally draws the eye towards your face and away from your stomach, while helping to elongate your torso to help you appear slimmer.

Alternatively, you can recreate the look of a v-neck by leaving your top three or four buttons unbuttoned on a shirt. V-neck clothes can help balance out your proportions.

what clothes make you look thinner
Photo by Madrona Rose on Unsplash

3. A-Line Dresses

When considering what clothes make you look thinner, you’ll want to focus on looser dresses. Stay away from body-con dresses and anything too form-fitting. A-line dresses are universally flattering and will accentuate your waist before flaring out to hide your stomach.

4. Elongate Your Legs

One way of making yourself appear thinner is to add some height. You can elongate your legs with a pair of your heels to raise you up a few inches. To get the full effect of the illusion, you’ll want to choose a color that matches your natural skin tone to create a seamless line.

If high heels aren’t your shoe of choice, you can try anything with a platform that will give you a little extra height. Combat boots and sneakers are perfect for subtly adding a few inches to your height.

5. Black Is Your Best Friend

what clothes make you look thinner
Photo by Alyssa Baches on Unsplash

The age-old answer to the question “what clothes make you look thinner?” has always been black. There’s no denying the fact that the color is naturally slimming as it helps to hide your waistline and creates a smooth silhouette.

If you don’t want to go for a full head-to-toe black look, you can focus on wearing the color on areas that you’re insecure about. Black jeans are a staple, and a black dress is simple to style with a blazer for a pop of color or print.

6. Hide It with a Blazer

Speaking of blazers, they’re another magic garment. Longer blazers will help you hide the extra pounds by camouflaging your stomach, especially from the side while you’re walking.

You’re sure to have a blazer in your closet, but if not, you can find it anywhere! The sharp lines of a blazer can help you smooth out your silhouette, and the oversized style disguises love handles any other insecurities. You can wear a blazer with anything, making it the must-have piece on this list.

what clothes make you look thinner
Photo by Madrona Rose on Unsplash

7. Go Head-to-Toe Monochrome

One secret to making yourself look slimmer is to get rid of lines. Monochrome outfits, where you keep all your clothes the same color, allows for a sleek look with little to no contrast.

A classic example is a pantsuit and matching shirt. The head-to-toe color helps camouflage your stomach while elongating your figure by making your torso and legs appear longer.

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8. Don’t be Afraid to Size Up!

Don’t listen to what the label on your clothes says. It’s an unfortunate reality that there’s no such thing as a standard sizing chart. You might be a size 12 in a pair of jeans in one store and then a size 16 in another piece from the same brand.

Sizing makes as much sense as algebra, with the numbers standing for almost nothing. You want your clothes to fit your body properly, so don’t be afraid to size up to get a more flattering look! 

9. Invest in a Belt

If you don’t have a waist, you can give yourself the illusion of one with a belt. For those with a larger stomach to hide, you’ll want to opt for a thinner belt that can help cinch in your waist while letting the rest of the fabric hide your insecurities.

A thicker belt is perfect if you’re looking to give your silhouette an hourglass look. You can add a belt to any dress, and it’s always best to wear it at your waistline instead of around your hips.

10. Buy Shape Wear 

Do you want to know one of the biggest hacks to what clothes make you look thinner? 90% of the time it is your shapewear! You want to invest in at least one set of shapewear to help pull in your stomach and tuck in all your lumps and bumps. Shapewear, such as spandex or Spanx, works in partnership with your underwear to give you a smoother silhouette for your clothes to sit on.

There is shapewear for everyone, and a pair of high-rise spandex is one of the best ways to make yourself appear slimmer than you are. It’s worth shopping around until you find the perfect fit and you’ll want to make sure you have a lighter set to wear under paler colors like white and pastels. 

This post may give you tips on what clothes to wear to help you look thinner, but it’s important to note that your identity shouldn’t be in how thin you may or may not feel that day. After all, our feelings are always changing! I hope these style tips will help you feel your best and create looks that make you feel confident in yourself. That’s what matters!

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