what to wear with a tweed jacket

What To Wear With a Tweed Jacket for Women (in Order To Look Chic)

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People used to think of tweed as something just British men would wear (Sherlock Holmes, anyone?) or something reserved for stuffy professors. But now, tweed has been reinvented- especially for women! Chanel has made iconic tweed blazers for women and in recent years, royals like Kate Middleton started donning tweed, so lucky for us, a tweed jacket is now synonymous with class. You’ll find lots of posts about what to wear with a tweed jacket for men, but women? Not so much. But here, you’ll find outfit ideas and style tips on what to wear with a tweed jacket for women!

What is tweed and where did it come from?

Tweed is a closely woven wool fabric, typically woven in a herringbone or plain twill structure. Tweed is naturally weather-resistant, which is why traditionally a tweed sports jacket was worn for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting in places like Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Good quality tweed is sturdy and thick and since this was considered a luxury fabric, tweed was typically associated with the upper classes. Harris Tweed is the luxury brand for tweed and if you want a high-quality fabric, this brand will be your go-to.

Though mostly intended for men since the 1800s, women can ditch the full suit, old-fashioned pocket square, and tweed waistcoat, and rock a tweed jacket in a new and chic way!

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What to wear with a tweed jacket

Thankfully, there are so many different ways you can wear tweed for women that will have you looking chic! Tweed fabric is best worn in the cooler months, making it a perfect wardrobe piece for fall and winter. There are some tweeds you could wear in spring depending on the color, but this may be an item you want to pack away for the summer.

A tweed jacket or blazer fits right into classic styles. For something timeless, look for a black, brown, or grey tweed jacket. Depending on the look you want to give off, you have your pick from more feminine styles, usually with bows, pearls, and fringe, to more masculine-inspired styles, usually darker colors and a slightly boxy fit.

Once you have the neutrals covered, consider adding a jacket or two in a feminine color, such as pink. It’s a great way to look sophisticated yet feminine!

If a tweed jacket will be part of your work outfit and you’re headed to a business meeting in it, then one of the best ways to wear this item is with dress pants, a white shirt, and heels. Work or not, that outfit combo can work for any formal gathering or formal occasions too!

Also, a tweed jacket can be worn over dresses and skirts for a look that’s a little more dressed up.

A matching tweed set with a jacket and tweed skirt is very feminine and reminiscent of Duchess Kate Middleton. However, if you’re not a royal headed to formal events, you may find that it’s best to break up these pieces (or reinvent them) so you don’t come across as too stuffy. That’s when jeans come in handy.

Your tweed jacket will pair perfectly with cropped flared jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, or slim jeans as it will instantly update this piece. The best thing is that this outfit combination is easy to pull off!

Whatever pair of jeans you pick, opt for jeans with little to no rips or holes to keep a classic look. Though on the flip side, if you want to add a grunge contrast to this feminine piece, you could pair your tweed jacket with ripped jeans and combat boots.

For a smart-casual look, pair a black tweed blazer with a basic tee, cropped flared jeans, and ankle boots. Add a classic handbag and you’re good to go!

You can also wear your tweed jacket with feminine details such as pearls. Lean into the classiness!

Treat a tweed jacket as your go-to fall or winter blazer and you’ll find that you can really wear it with anything. You don’t have to overthink it!

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Where to get a tweed jacket

As a woman, you have your pick of many different styles. Whether you want to go cropped (for an updated look), classy black and white with pearl buttons, or darker, boxier, and more traditional, you have many to pick from depending on the outfit vibe you are wanting to give off. You may find that your wardrobe could benefit from several styles!

Tweed is generally expensive because it’s high quality and pure wool, but thankfully, you can save by getting a tweed blend and still accomplishing the same look. Check out the widget below for great options:

For the colder months, a tweed coat is a great classic pick.

For a sophisticated, timeless, and classy look, add a tweed jacket to your next outfit. For other ways to look classy, check out the next post!

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how to wear a tweed jacket


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