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  1. I like this raw perspective from you- someone who has “been there done that, wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”
    wow, pinterest is such a great tool and it’s neat that it shows you those stats!

  2. Hi Carolyn! Lovely post, I can totally relate. I had an instagram account with 5K followers for my previous blog but I was so focused on getting likes that I lost perspective of what was my original goal. Who doesn’t enjoy when other people like or comment on our feeds – it’s a confirmation that we have touched someone with our post. But chasing approval shouldn’t be the focus. Personal satisfaction keeps us going when the things we share maybe don’t have the responses we’d like.

    • So true! It’s hard to not care about likes, followers, etc when being on Instagram, but Instagram can also be a great tool. Such a hard balance! But I love what you said that chasing approval shouldn’t be the focus! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your first point about how you don’t own Instagram. Remember when Vine was a thing and when it shut down, all the Vine Stars had nowhere to go? I always try to remind myself that my blog is mine and my social media accounts are not. It’s better to invest more in what’s mine than what’s not. It’s like a home – why spend money refurnishing an apartment that you don’t own? Right?
    Anyway, great post!

  4. This post is so important!!! We need to focus on the things we own AKA our blogs! So glad you wrote about this topic- I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Thanks so much Kimmie! I hope it helps others out there remember that Instagram isn’t the “end all”!

  5. This was really refreshing and encouraging to read. I know we recently talked a little about our love/hate for social media on IG. This was a great reminder for me to refocus on what really matters. Love your honesty as always! <3

    • Thanks for saying that Christa! I’m glad it was able to help you refocus. I know I needed the reminder myself. Instagram can be such a hard balance to manage!

  6. I totally agree what you think. Most “successful” instagramer caught the wave at an early time before all the algorithm. Now isn’t the best time and focusing on blog is always a good idea.

    • So true. Part of being a creative entrepreneur is being adaptable and just knowing when something is working or not and being willing to switch it up!

  7. This was definitely an interesting post to read! I agree that people are focusing way too much on IG when they should be focusing on growing through other platforms like Pinterest or their blog. We don’t know what will become of IG and it’s better not to throw all your eggs into one basket. Loved your post, girl! xo

  8. You shared so many great tips on not focusing solely on Instagram! It’s one thing I struggle with doing so well on there, but I have to devote even more time to my blog!

    • I haven’t heard of her, but that podcast sounds like something I need to listen to!

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