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How to Mix and Match Statement and Staple Pieces For Fall

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A fun wardrobe has a good mix of staples and statements. Balance is key though! Too many staple pieces and you risk the chance of feeling bored with your wardrobe and missing out on some fall fashion fun, but too many statements and you spend the season looking “trendy” and like you just picked an outfit out at the store without putting your own personal twist on it!

The right pieces will also give your wardrobe more mileage and versatility because you’ve upped your mixing and matching potential! Here are some ways you can mix and match different statement and staple pieces for fall to have some fun this season!

How to Mix and Match Statement and Staple Pieces For Fall

This isn’t a full list of fall staples, I talk about more about those here, but hopefully, this is a good starting point to give you some outfit inspo on what you can do with your wardrobe!

plaid shirt
ankle boots
dark wash jeans
green utility jacket
basic tee and/or striped tee

faux fur coat
leather pants
bold booties
snakeskin/animal print

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Fall staples in this look: basic tee, plaid button-down, ankle boots
Fall statements: leather pants, leopard print coat
You can hardly go a day in fall without seeing something plaid and/or a flannel…fall staple for sure! But seeing leather pants every day is not as common, which is why I think they fall under “statement”. Worn together, they add an edgy twist to your fall look, so you can be just a little different than everyone else wearing flannels this season!

Cheetah/leopard print is eye-catching and is a fun print to add to plaid!

shop similar: flannel | pants | cheetah coat

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Fall staples in this look: denim jacket, turtleneck sweater, ankle boots
Fall statements: leopard print slip dress, snakeskin skirt
Animal print two ways! This print is always hot, hot, hot this time of year and it’s a trend I love jumping on, even though I secretly consider it a neutral! For those that are a little unsure, or just want to tone it down, pairing it with basic/staple pieces like a denim jacket and a sweater will surely do the trick!

shop similar: dress | skirt | boots

Fall staples in this look: striped tee, dark wash jeans, ankle boots
Fall statements: cheetah coat, red boots
Whether you want to look dressed up or casual, dark wash jeans have your back! You can get different looks by pairing them with basic booties or bold, vibrant ones. Both looks rock, it just depends on what you’re going for! And never, ever has a striped top failed me.

shop similar: cheetah coat | red boots

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Fall staples in this look: striped tee, dark wash jeans, ankle boots, green utility jacket
Fall statement: leather pants
One of my favorite fall staples, a striped tee, is showing its versatility by looking sweet and simple with jeans and booties, or edgy and stylish with leather pants and a utility jacket. The green acts as a neutral, making this something you have to have in your wardrobe this season!

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I hope you see now that with the right balance of statement and staple pieces you can have a well rounded and stylish wardrobe for fall!

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