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15 Designer Handbag Dupes That Look High-End (but Keep Money in Your Wallet)

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We’re not against a splurge moment, but we understand that not everyone has the funds (or desire) to spend big on designer items. That’s where dupes come in handy. Not to be confused with knockoffs, a dupe is an “inspired by” style – a similar aesthetic without the logo. (It’s a fine line, for sure.) But if you’re not dead set on getting the real deal, then it’s a win-win, because you get the style you’ve been eyeing from the designer handbags for a fraction of the price! Because you loved the first post highlighting designer dupes, I found 12 more. These handbags look high-end but will keep the money in your wallet. What’s not to love about that?

1. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack ($348) vs Diophy Large Backpack Purse ($42.99)

designer bag dupes

With the fringe detailing and statement hardware, both the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack and the Diophy Large Backpack Purse serve as trendy, functional accessories.

While they both offer style and utility, the main difference lies in the brand’s prestige and quality – the more expensive version is made out of black pebbled leather, while the more affordable option is vegan leather. Besides this quality difference, the style is almost identical!

2. Dior Saddlebag ($3,600) vs JBB Women Saddle Shoulder Bag ($29.99)

designer bag dupes dior saddlebag

Priced at a steep $3,600, the Dior Saddlebag embodies luxury and prestige. But thankfully, there is a more affordable option!

Priced modestly at $29.99, this Amazon find is a cost-effective, accessible alternative. Although it lacks the “D” logo and luxury label, this bag is a practical choice for the budget-conscious shopper looking for functionality and affordability.

3. Tory Burch Ever-Ready Zip Tote ($298) vs Mango Printed Shopper Bag ($79.99)

designer bag dupes

A good designer handbag is practical enough to actually be used, and what’s more practical than a roomy tote bag? Tory Burch’s Ever-Ready Zip Tote is an excellent example of luxury meets functionality. Priced at $298, it’s a well-crafted leather piece with generous room, zip security, and a sophisticated, minimal design.

On the other hand, Mango’s Printed Shopper Bag priced at $79.99 offers a vibrant and unique aesthetic. Though they’re constructed from a different material (Tory Burch is canvas and the Mango version is polyester), both of these bags are similar styles to the Goyard bag, so in one way, it’s like a dupe in a dupe.

The Mango version might not last as long, but it still provides the shopper-style convenience.

4. Givenchy Box Bag ($1,890) vs Mango Black Flap Crossbody ($69.99) Updated with similar links when applicable

givenchy box bag handbag dupe replica

From Celine to Givenchy, the majority of luxury fashion designers have their own version of the box bag. Defined by its simple square shape and minimal hardware, this bag is timeless and classic! The best part? You don’t need the real thing to get this classic look for your wardrobe since so many great dupes exist.

Its minimalistic design makes it versatile enough to wear with anything in your wardrobe. This is the type of bag you could add to any outfit if you want it to have a classy appeal.

5. Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag ($140) vs Nylon Shopper Bag ($49.99)

longchamp designer handbag dupe

French girls love the Longchamp Le Pliage tote for travel, commuting, and everything in between. This alternative has a very similar style and is made out of nylon as well. It lacks the embossed leather trim handle, but for the price and space you get, it’s a steal!

Whether you want to use it as a gym bag, an accessory to your casual chic outfit, an overnight bag, or your personal item for airplane traveling, this style of bag is versatile enough to match a variety of styles and occasions.

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6. Hermes Crocodile Kelly ($28,950) vs Mango Croc-Effect Bag ($79.99)

hermes kelly crocodile bag dupe

Hermès makes some of the most expensive bags in the world, specifically the Kelly and Birkin style. Their price tag (even used), makes these bags unattainable (and inconceivable) for many, but you’re in luck, you can get a similar style!

What’s to love about these bags is the structured silhouette, the classy top handle, and the subtle and interesting hardware. This dupe has all the details you love for under $100. (Currently out of stock, but you can join the waitlist!)

Insider tip: Love the croc look? Brahmin carries similar bags for under $300. Related: Brahmin Handbags Reviews (Are They Worth It?)

7. Celine Triomphe Wallet on Chain ($1,550) vs Mango Logo Crossbody Bag ($79.99)

celine wallet on chain dupe

The brown-on-brown logo (similar to Louis Vuitton – see how designers all inspire each other?) and the material of Celine Triomphe make this collection interesting yet subtle.

Designer items that have an “IYKYK” logo instead of the name being plastered all over the handbag can give a higher-end look. This alternative bag has similar subtle detailing, gold hardware, and leather trim – all the things you love about the original.

8. Saint Laurent Shopping Bag ($1,450) vs Mango Shopper Bag ($99.99)

saint laurent shopper bag dupe

For a chic catch-all bag, this one can’t be missed. The alternative is made of vegan leather but still boasts the roomy size and decorative pendant. If I had to choose, I might even like the dupe better.

This type of bag can be worn running errands on the weekend, traveling, or even with your classic trench coat. It encapsulates casual chic perfectly.

9. Christian Dior Lady Dior Clutch ($2,100) vs Mango Quilted Bag With Chain ($39.99)

designer handbag dupe

Looking for a quilted clutch with a gold chain under $50? You’re in luck. Both of these bags feature a rectangular shape and a quilting detail in black.

This is the type of bag you could wear on date night, girl’s night, or whenever you want to class up your look!

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10. Chanel Tweed Bag ($7,995) vs Mango Tweed Buckle Bag ($59.99)

designer handbag dupe

A tweed handbag makes a beautiful accessory and this alternative is a great option. Though the hardware is not the same as the original, you get the same essence of this handbag with the tweed material, rectangle shape, and chain strap.

Insider tip: The late Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s former creative director, has his own handbag line where you can also get the style of Chanel without the high price tag.

11. Balenciaga Cagole Bag ($2,800) vs Mango Metallic Details Bag ($59.99)

designer handbag dupes

If you’ve been following fashion news, then you know it’s a good idea to boycott Balenciaga altogether. But if you still like the style of their Cagole bag, you can get a similar look without supporting this designer (or spending large amounts of money).

The black and silver color combination reads tough while the silver hardware adds some edge. The 90s baguette style also adds a vintage touch. This is the bag style for you if you resonate with a retro edgy fashion aesthetic.

12. Fendi Baguette Convertible Pouch Canvas ($970) vs Mango Texture Cross-Body Bag ($59.99)

designer handbag dupes

Is Fendi your favorite designer? If so, take a look at this handbag from Mango. It features the same printed letter graphics on black fabric that brings to mind the style of Fendi, without being an exact copycat.

This handbag is simple enough to go with everything, yet adds enough interest to elevate your look.

13. Celine Triomphe Bucket Bag ($1,600) vs Mango Logo Bucket Bag ($79.99)

celine triomphe bucket bag dupe

Celine lovers, rejoice! If you’ve been looking for a bucket bag to add to your wardrobe, this alternative is almost an exact replica. The essence of the original is there, with the bucket shape, (faux) leather trim, and light brown graphic set upon a darker brown background.

This bag can instantly elevate all your casual weekend outfits. Wear with anything from a basic tee to a blazer to a trench coat.

14. Chanel Quilted Bag ($5,695) vs Mango Chain Bucket Bag ($79.99)

designer handbag dupes

Looking for a bag that’s spacious but a bit more elevated than a nylon tote bag? Then take a look at this one.

The chain straps pop against the decorative quilting and the satin finish adds a little glow. Not only does this bear a close resemblance to the Chanel bag, but it’s a stylish bag in and of itself too.

15. Celine Triomphe Shoulder Bag ($1,600) vs Mango Printed Shoulder Bag ($59.99)

designer handbag dupes

Do you like the retro bag styles of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s? If so, then you’ll love this option. With a subtle geometric design, this is the type of bag you can sling over your shoulder with any of your outfits.

And if you want to get your feet wet with vintage handbag styles, this is a good place to start.

Picking the Best Designer Handbag Dupe

Sometimes your bag is your best accessory! And though designer items are generally made out of higher quality materials, it doesn’t always guarantee a well-made item. And then there’s the price to think of. You can save big on designer handbag dupes, and at the very least, you can test out the style before making a big purchase.

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