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The 4 Piece Classic Outfit Formula That You Can Always Count On

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When it comes to outfit formulas, sometimes the fewer pieces the better. After all, who doesn’t want to look classic and timeless with minimal effort? There’s a certain ease to life with owning and wearing less. Not only do you have fewer clothes you have to wash, take care of, and store, but wearing the stylish bare minimum (while still looking fabulous) means fewer things to adjust and less layers to fidget with. Keep reading for a classic outfit formula that will never fail you and only takes 4 pieces to put together!

jeans | sweater (similar) | trench coat | boots (similar) | tote bag | bistro table | bistro chairs

This classic outfit formula consists of:

  • Lightweight Cashmere Sweater
  • Jeans
  • Ankle Boots
  • Trench Coat

Like all classic outfits, this look is extremely versatile! Because the sweater is lightweight, you can wear this outfit in spring, fall, or winter (depending on your climate). To highlight your shape under a boxier coat, wear your sweater tucked in your jeans.

Speaking of jeans, pick your favorite pair to be worn in this classic outfit formula! However, I recommend straight-leg, cropped flares, or vintage mom jeans as they tend to pair with ankle boots the best. Do a test run at home first to make sure that your boots don’t get stuck awkwardly over your jeans when walking, though!

Though all of these pieces are classic, the trench coat takes the cake and adds that instant classic Parisian element to this outfit. Wear open or loosely tied. One secret of Parisian fashion is looking a little imperfect. You don’t want to try too hard. It’s all about effortless style!

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When it comes to footwear, you’ll never regret splurging on high-quality leather ankle boots. Not only will they last longer than some faux leathers, but the quality is apparent, instantly upgrading your whole look. I’ve always said that you can tell how much someone cares about fashion based on their shoes.

Actually, I’ve never said that. But maybe I should start!

And I don’t mean that in a snobby, give someone the “elevator eyes” way to see who and what they’re wearing. What I mean is that your shoes (and accessories) can pull your look together and they make a statement about who you are. They say if you care about the details and the final look or not.

For example, Titus’ go-to shoes are sneakers that are usually dirty and falling apart. Yes, I know. Shameful. I’m working on him… 😉 Not only is it a little sloppy (sorry babe), but it shows that he just doesn’t care about the way he looks. Which, is in fact, true haha!

I’m a shoe and purse girl so maybe that’s why I feel strongly about this.

I’m also a coat girl. And a jean girl. And a…

Okay, I’ll just stop there. 🙂

Though technically not reflected in the numbers of this outfit formula, a stylish bag and simple gold jewelry complete this look!

As you can see, this ensemble is easy to copy, works for a variety of seasons and occasions, and will never fail you in looking your best fabulous classic self!

For more classic outfit ideas, keep reading!

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classic outfit formula


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