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3 Cute & Cozy At-Home Outfit Formulas

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Dress up and show up. You’ve heard the quote. But lately, it’s dress up and stay home…ha! I think it’s imperative that you get dressed even if you’re staying home. It will help your routine and mental state. It doesn’t mean you have to wear jeans though. Just put the paint clothes, college sweatshirts, pajamas, and sloppy sweatpants away! You can still look put together and feel great with these cute & cozy at-home outfit formulas!

Cute & Cozy At-Home Outfit Formulas

1. leggings + oversized stretchy shirt + long cardigan + cable knit socks
Leggings + long cardigan is seriously a go-to for most of my home days haha. I’m not a “leggings as pants” person, so I like something that covers my bootay. Plus, having an extra soft layer is so nice!

cardigan (mine is a slightly different color I think)

at home cozy outfit

2. black joggers + oversized stretchy shirt + graphic sweatshirt + fuzzy socks
A graphic sweatshirt is like a regular sweatshirt, just better. 😉 It adds a statement to your look and makes you feel extra stylish even though you’re just chilling at home.

sweatshirt | joggers (super similar)

at home outfit

3. gray joggers + oversized stretchy shirt + cropped sweater
Yes to comfy joggers, amiright? Piling on the layers (especially if they’re soft) is a great way to look cute & be cozy! And hey, we like style, so why not mix some prints like stripes and leopard while we’re at it? Who cares if only your dog will see it! 😉

brown sweater

at home cozy look

For your inspiration, I created more cozy at-home looks…pin what you want to wear!

cozy casual look
lounge wear outfit
cozy outfit

and pick up a few new things if you want!

If you need to know what to do with all your time, then check out this post. And if you want inexpensive things that will make staying at home way better, then check out this post! See you in the next blog post!

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