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20+ Style Tips That Will Instantly Make You Look More Fashionable

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I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now and not to toot my own horn, but I’m proud to be a blog that’s dedicated to bringing you doable style tips! As the year is coming to an end, I wanted to round up some of my favorite style tips in this post that are all super easy to copy and all guaranteed to bring your outfit a splash of style. Most of these tips have some extra posts and resources for you to check out to get more in-depth styling info too. Bookmark, come back, share, & most of all, enjoy! 🙂

20+ Style Tips

1. Wear your silk scarf somewhere other than your neck
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2. Wear the same color head to toe (or as much as you can)
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3. Add a faux fur collar to a coat
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4. Wear your shirt slightly off the shoulder

5. Add statement earrings

6. Pair something dressy with a graphic tee
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7. Tuck in one side of your shirt
tuck in the whole shirt
or half-tuck the front of your shirt

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8. Wear sneakers with something more tailored (like pants or a blazer)
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9. Layer more than once

10. Break up your pajama set

11. Knot your shirt

12. Roll or push up your sleeves
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13. Wear your sweater as a scarf (or draped around your body)

sweater tied around neck

14. Mix prints

15. Messily roll or cuff your jeans…nothing perfect here!

16. Wear socks with heels or loafers

17. Put a dress over a t-shirt or jeans

18. Wear a skirt over a dress or a dress as a skirt
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19. Belt your blazer or coat

20. Tie a button-down over a dress
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21. Layer a crop top or cami over a shirt

22. Belt a sweater

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