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6 Styling Tips That Will Change Your Wardrobe

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If you’re a first-time reader here then I’m proud to say that this blog has a plethora of styling tips. In fact, just check out some of the related posts below! And though styling tips is something I talk about a lot here, in this post, I’m narrowing it down to my top 6 style tips that have changed my wardrobe and I know they will change yours too!

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6 Styling Tips That Will Change Your Wardrobe

1. Layer at least twice
Anyone can throw a jacket on over a top and though that’s something I frequently do, you’ll instantly stand out as a “fashion girl” when you go the extra mile. Once is nice, but go for twice or thrice. Ha!

2. Wear accessories in ways you wouldn’t expect
Earrings in your ears and necklaces on your neck. Yep, it’s cute, but everyone does that! And yes, including myself. But if you’re looking for a styling tip that makes you look unique, this is it! Add brooches to bags. Wear your scarves in belt loops. Put your brooches and earrings on a purse. The sky is the limit!

3. Tuck in your shirt
This isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s something I started doing all of a sudden and then one day, I couldn’t remember when I didn’t tuck in my shirt. It creates a more elevated and stylish look in my opinion. However, each body is different, as you know, so experiment with a full tuck or half-tuck to see if this is a style that flatters and is one that you like!

4. Wear a dress as a jacket
So many wardrobe possibilities open up when you start wearing your clothes in new ways. A button dress (this one looks versatile) becomes a light jacket and cool layering piece when worn over an outfit! So many other ideas like that here, here, here, and here.

5. Mix dressy + casual
This is one of my favorite fashionable ways to add style to my outfit. When you take something casual like track pants and pair it with something fancy like a blazer, fashion magic happens! The same goes for mixing feminine + masculine as well.

6. Add a pop of print and/or mix prints
If I’m feeling like an outfit could use a boost then I love to add a pop of print (usually in the form of leopard) and/or mix many prints. It instantly refreshes what could feel like a simple outfit.

Have you been doing any of these already?

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