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WIFS Conference Recap in Indianapolis

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the WIFS (Women In Finance And Insurance Services) conference in Indianapolis, IN as a breakout speaker!

When the president, Carrie, sent me an email several months ago asking if I spoke at conferences, my first thought was, “Well, I don’t know. I guess there’s one way to find out!”

wifs conference

She expressed that after the year and a half we’ve had, many women would love to have a wardrobe refresher and be inspired with their clothes again.

Though I admit the thought of speaking live to a crowd was out of my comfort zone, I was excited to do this, as helping women feel inspired with their clothes is right up my alley!

So we packed up the fam and headed to downtown Indy.

We arrived a few days before I was scheduled to speak, so we did some exploring downtown. I had never been to Indy before but it was cool!

It felt like a smaller scale Chicago and since we were staying in a really cool hotel in the heart of downtown, we were able to mostly walk everywhere which was so nice.

The first few days there the weather was really pleasant and everyone enjoyed walking around and looking at new surroundings. Plus, we got to try out some new restaurants and family-style pasta. No complaints there!

However, the nights were pretty rough. Not going to lie. I thought it would be fun to bring the kids…then I thought again haha.

But, it made Titus and I all that more appreciative of what we had when we got home. Separate rooms for kiddos to be in with doors that shut. And oh man, our bed felt the comfiest it has EVER felt the first night we slept in it when we got home. 🙂

Rough night with no sleep or not, Titus rocked his “dad on duty” status. We did some exploring together as a family and then when I worked, Titus took the kiddos to the zoo.

I had two different speaking sessions on different days and I loved getting ready in my business casual clothes and heading to the Starbucks at the hotel to prepare!

Even though it was work, it felt like my “me time” haha.

I gave a presentation based on my eBook, building a wardrobe from scratch, with a focus more on a work wardrobe refresh. Many women told me that my tips on cleaning out the wardrobe were their main takeaways! Many had let things sit over the past year or so and things were starting to pile up, so they got the “kick in the pants” they needed.

It was really fun running into some people that knew me too! I had a great time meeting these new friends and joining the conference award luncheon. I may not be in the finance world, but I felt so inspired by all these amazing women just killing it at their careers!

Though bringing the kids was challenging and they might not understand it now, it makes me happy that they get to see their mom growing a business, living out a passion, taking opportunities, and trying new things.

wifs conference

Once I finished my last session we headed to the well-known children’s museum, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. It is the world’s largest children’s museum! I felt like we sold our knee caps to get in, but I’ll admit, there is a ton to see and Will loved it.

All in all, it was a success! It was a great conference and the breakout sessions went well. I got to meet some incredible women and I know Will loved getting to explore a new place. He’s the type of kid that will cry when we head back to the hotel room…“But I want to be OUT!”

Max was indifferent to it all.

Titus was tired.


Now that it’s over, we’re shifting our focus to other big things- like our home build!

And the fashion questions I got asked at the conference have me brainstorming about a new service to add to MCO…any guesses?

Talk soon!


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