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  1. I love that you’ve learned so much from your mama – but also that she’s probably learned so much from you. Everything she touched on here is so helpful for women of all ages. I’ll definitely need to send this to my own mom!

  2. Aw you and your Mom are just beautiful! These are amazing tips – especially encouraging others to wait for a sale when they really really want something. It took me awhile to be like this but I appreciate the money I save.

  3. I love this!! I need to be better about the “there’s always a sale, wait for it.” I don’t like near a mall or any shopping centers (we have to drive over an hour to shop.) So when I see something, I tend to grab it, no questions asked. But normally, a month later…I’ll see it on sale!

  4. Hi Carolyn, you are wise for your age! I’m an aesthetician, make up artist with a prior horticultural background. What I’ll say is about skin and makeup! It’s all about ingredients. Enzymes to exfoliate, acids if you know which to use to resurface the skin, hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol to build the skin and as anti aging treatment. Oils as much as you can take everyday, head to toe!
    Regarding makeup, as a makeup artist I have found as people age they wear too much makeup or none at all. Everyone can enhance their personal beauty with just a little makeup! Few skins benefit by heavy foundations. My suggestion as a 67 yr. old is: begin with a good moisturizer over a peptide serum. Concealer under eyes patted in. Use a cream blush in you skin tone, apples of the cheeks, eyelids, bridge of nose and sides of the throat. Work the blush in as it warms for a sun kissed look. Use a cream colored powdered eyeshadow and sweep across the eye under the brow and across the lid. If you have scant bottom lashes a neutral taupe eyeshadow on an angle brush under the lower lashes will pop the eye. Mascara and lipgloss or 24 hour lipstick. It’s an easy quick enhancement I used on older clients for years!
    Thanks for considering your older fans and thanks for all the great timeless advice.

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