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Live TV Appearance with Fox News

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It’s hard to believe that I’m writing a recap on my live TV appearance! If you told me 10 years ago I would do this, I probably would have said “that’d never happen!”…though it does seem like something I would try to do ūüėČ

Good Day Marketplace on Fox News (Springfield, IL chapter) had me on their show to talk about fashion! We did two segments. One was on LBD styling and one was on Wardrobe Essentials. This had been in the email works for a couple of months, so while I did know it was going to happen for a while, I rarely talked about and I especially didn’t want to think about it. Every time I did I got nervous and started thinking of worst-case scenarios! For example, 50% of me thought I would end up as a Youtube joke for being the girl that barfs on live tv. Joking but not joking.

First, I started off by getting my makeup done at Full Blown Salon. Alyssa was just incredibly amazing to me! In my research to prepare for TV, everything I read said that your skin is magnified on the screen. I’m pretty self-conscious of my skin already, and after reading that I felt even more so. Alyssa gave me a great airbrush application and covered up all of my problem spots that I was worried about. Confidence is an amazing thing you can give a woman! Plus, her salon was the cutest and in a really swanky hotel with a Starbucks. Yes, please!

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fox newsfox news

After getting my makeup done I ran through some key points in my head then we headed to the station!

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It was a short wait in the “green room”, though the room wasn’t green at all so not sure why it was called that.
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The mic/sound guy came to get me and help me put my mic on. He walked us through the set and told me where to sit. There I waited for Melanie, the host/anchor. We didn’t jump right into it, which was nice. I was able to ask her some questions, such as “WHERE DO I LOOK!?” haha!

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It was really cool to be on set. They had different stations set up for what I’m guessing are for different segments and the weatherman was in the corner doing his own thing. It was fun to watch him do the weather on a green screen!

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I was surprised by the lack of people. For some reason the fear in my head was related to a lot of people watching me! And though I’m sure there were people watching elsewhere, there were just a handful of people in the room doing their own business, such as mic, sound, etc. This was a happy surprise though as it made me feel more comfortable. And it was so nice to look up and see Titus standing there! I know this sounds¬†really cheesy, but to see your support system smiling at you is really, really encouraging!¬†¬†fox news

Then next thing I knew we were off having a conversation. There’s no countdown or loud beeping noise so if I wasn’t paying attention I probably would have missed my cue! I loved Melanie and it was so nice to talk to her. Some things I knew she would ask me and some came out of nowhere…so I was hoping that I rolled with it and didn’t trip over my words too much.

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It went by really quickly and I felt very relieved and accomplished afterwards. Not because I wanted people to think I was awesome, but because I did something way out of my comfort zone and I didn’t back down out of fear when God brought the opportunity my way! And funny enough I was starviinnnggg afterwards too.¬†I guess I got my appetite back!

After my short segment, we went to the capitol downtown and took some photos to capture my makeup and outfit. There are¬†a lot of rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear on tv.¬†Mostly every website said pastel colors are the best thing to wear. I barely own any pastels and they’re not totally my style so I rebelled and went with my classic black and white with a pop of leopard as a belt. I chose this top because a.) it fit my brand, b.) it was stylish enough to show I had style and c.) it’s ruffly and a type of bell sleeve and they are both hot this season and if anyone should be on trend it should be the fashion blogger talking on tv! ūüėČ

fox news fox news fox news fox news fox news fox news

We went back to the hotel and chilled for a couple of hours because we wanted to feel like we got our moneys worth ūüėČ We left shortly after that and talked about how much fun we had! Though there’s nothing necessarily revolutionary about Springfield, IL, it’s so fun to go new places and go on new adventures with your best friend.

It was a whirlwind trip. It seemed like we left as soon as we came but it was 1000% percent worth it and I was so grateful for the opportunity!

Thanks for following along!

P.S- A lot of people have asked me if there’s a clip online. I can’t lie- there is! I haven’t watched it myself and I don’t want to; I’d rather end thinking I did well than overanalyze everything. So though I will not include a link to the video here (I really don’t know where it is), I will say there is something out there! ūüėČ

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