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Luxe for Less | How to Fake Expensive Shoes

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You’ve probably seen those beautiful shoes with dazzling jewels before (like a pair of Manolo Blahnik) and wish you could get a pair, but can’t justify the 1k price tag! Don’t worry, there’s a really easy way to get this look that’s luxe for less. And I mean wayyy less. The answer? Shoe clips!

Luxe for Less | How to Fake Expensive Shoes

Here’s a pair of Manolo Blahniks that you’re probably all too familiar with:

The color is stunning but that jewel really takes the cake, doesn’t it? But if heels aren’t something you wear every day, it’s hard to justify the investment price tag. That’s when getting the look for less comes in handy. Now take the photos below as my example!

Just some basic h&m shoes paired with a shoe clip instantly elevates the shoes and in turn, make the whole outfit look classy and expensive! Of course, I’m not going to try and say the quality and comfort will be the same as a designer item, but this is more about the looks, and well, how beautiful is the result! What’s great about going this route too is that for a fraction of the cost, you get way more options. You can wear the shoes by themselves and switch out the clips whenever you want!

Scroll down, shop, and transform your shoes!

Click on the photo or the link below it!

Esty has really cute ones too! And if you want to get even more creative, you can make your own by using basic shoe clips and adding whatever you want to it!

shoe clips (unavailable, but there are similar in this post)
shoes (unavailable, similar)

Do you have a favorite shoe clip in this post? I go heart eyes for anything sparkly! If you like these luxe for less posts, then you’ll probably like my posts where I shop at Target, Walmart, and Goodwill for a chic outfit!

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