street style in Paris

Gather Stylish Fashion Inspiration From Street Style in Paris

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If you’re looking to gather fashion inspiration to update and elevate your outfits this fall and winter season, then start by looking to Paris. After all, wasn’t it Audrey Hepburn who said, “Paris is always a good idea.”? And well, Audrey knew a thing or two about style. I have a photographer on the streets of this iconic city capturing everyday street style in Paris so we can get inspired by Parisian fashion on a whole new level. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration to dress classic and chic, then take a look at what Parisians are wearing right now!

1. gray scarf + tweed jacket + blue slim-leg jeans + black buckle strap loafers

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: jacket | jeans | loafers

What’s to love: With a crossbody bag and a canvas tote bag, this Parisian looks like she’s off to do some errands in a simple yet chic outfit. A two-tone tweed jacket is a chic outerwear choice for the fall months, and I can only assume it’s layered over a simple green sweater. A neutral-colored oversized scarf adds function and style. Simple and sleek blue slim-leg jeans are a perfect choice with loafers.

Why I like it: This is an easy-to-copy outfit combination for anyone that wants a chic look for fall. A tweed jacket, oversized scarf, slim-leg jeans, and loafers are some of my favorite wardrobe pieces! Put them all together and you’ve got yourself a winning look.

2. hooded knee-length wool coat + leggings + white sneakers + crossbody bag

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: coat | sneakers

What’s to love: This outfit idea is a chicer way to do athleisure and it all comes down to the coat! If you find yourself frequently wearing leggings and always on the go to or from the gym, then pair a knee-length or longer wool coat over your athletic ensemble. Top it off with a black leather crossbody bag.

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Why I like it: I love that a long belted coat can go over leggings and still look nice. I frequently use this style trick if I’m home all day in my comfy leggings and have to dart out of the house quick. Without having to change into something stylish and “appropriate”, I’ll just belt a long coat over my leggings and it allows me to still look chic!

3. printed scarf + moto jacket + straight-leg jeans + sneakers + brown bag

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: scarf | jacket | jeans | shoes

What’s to love: You may be noticing that scarves are a must-have for a Parisian’s fall/winter ensemble. Functional, yes, but they are certainly not an afterthought! Neutral color or print, this is a great place to add some style and warmth. This scarf is casually draped over another Parisian’s must-have- a leather motorcycle jacket. That item is perfect for street style and looks great paired with straight-leg jeans and a pair of neutral, classic sneakers.

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Why I like it: I love “on the go” street style looks that still incorporate style. A scarf tones down the edginess of the motorcycle jacket while a pair of classic (Levi’s?) jeans makes this outfit still feel casual. Plus, I love those beige (Nike?) sneakers! Still neutral, but a nice twist on your classic white.

4. long black coat + red and white plaid scarf + black ankle boots

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: scarf | coat | boots

What’s to love: Simple yet statement. That’s what this street style in Paris outfit achieves with select items that pop. You have your all-black outfit with a classic long coat paired with a simple yet bold casually draped scarf. The ankle boots seem basic, but the zipper detail on the back shows some personality and makes me think this woman has an edgy-chic personal style!

Why I like it: If you fall in the same camp as me where you prefer neutrals, you can still make your outfit “pop with color”. An all-black outfit with white adds interest. I love that you can subtly add color through a scarf for added dimension as well.

5. oversized plaid scarf + red coat + black skinny jeans + white platform Chelsea boots (or lug sole boots)

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: scarf | coat | boots | bag

What’s to love: This outfit is a good example of how to mix trendy and classic pieces. If you’re looking to try out the trendier look of platform Chelsea boots (or lug sole boots), doing it like this woman is key- balance it out with other classic pieces! A plaid scarf and timeless coat still keep this outfit classic.

Want to give color a try? Who says it has to be bold? A muted wine color works just as well. Feel free to tie in the color with your scarf, and keep the rest of the look neutral. Even better if you can get your hands on that cool knotted hobo bag.

Why I like it: Timeless fashion isn’t limiting- meaning you can only wear your 5 capsule wardrobe pieces for the rest of your life. You can incorporate trends and current items here and there, just pair it with other staple items and you’re good to go!

6. knee-length coat + sheer tights + chunky black boots + oversized brown bag

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: coat | boots | bag

What’s to love: If you’ve been following these other street style in Paris posts (here and here), then you’ll know that sheer tights and chunky boots have been seen styled over and over again! You can appreciate the timelessness of the coat mixed with something “fresh” like the boots.

Why I like it: I like the edgy chicness of this look. The chunky boots (edgy), look great with a below knee-length solid black coat (chic). I love seeing sheer tights as they are stylish yet functional and a nice break from leggings. Plus, that brown leather bag adds a pop of color!

8. gray knit scarf + suede camel trench coat + skinny jeans + brown suede ankle boots + backpack

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: coat | backpack | boots

What’s to love: Are you a busy woman heading off to work, school, or both? Don’t let your bag be an afterthought. Whether you go for a stylish backpack or leather tote bag, here you see that a bag can add or take away from a look! With a knit scarf, belted camel coat, blue skinny jeans, and brown suede ankle boots, this outfit is simple yet stylish.

Why I like it: Beige trench coat, suede khaki coat, or wool camel coat (I can’t tell for sure), but it doesn’t matter- you can’t go wrong with any of those! I’m inspired to casually drape a scarf over all of my looks for added warmth and style, too.

9. cropped red jacket + wide-leg jeans + brown boots

street style in Paris

Recreate the look: jacket | jeans | boots

What’s to love: Yes, her partner has style, but this girl has a style of her own too! That cropped red jacket is a stylish little number and looks great with her dark blue jeans as well. Though straight leg and slim jeans are a Parisian’s favorite, flared and wide-leg jeans have a place in their wardrobe too. A structured handbag and ankle boots with a heel elevate this look.

Why I like it: When I want to go bold, I tend to go red. Yes, black has the upper hand in the color to wear if you want to look sophisticated. But red, to me, is still a sophisticated color. Maybe it’s because classy women would don their lips with a bold red or it reminds you of vintage Hollywood starlets. Either way, I like to wear red or add a pop of red for some classy boldness.

Street Style in Paris Quick Fashion Tips

  • Loafers pair well with a straight-leg or slim-leg jean.
  • Dress up your leggings by wearing a belted classy coat on top.
  • Tired of white sneakers? Try beige instead!
  • Casually drape a scarf around your neck for added function and style.
  • A coat doesn’t have to reach the floor to be elegant. Just look for anything longer than your standard hip size.
  • Parisians know how to update their look without going overboard. Pick a few trendier items to try out per season, and resist wearing them all in the same look. Balance out your outfit with other staple items.
  • If the weather allows, switch out your basic leggings for a pair of sheer tights to elevate your everyday look.

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Street style in Paris
street style in Paris


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