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4 Stylish Mom Outfits That You Can Wear at Home and Out

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Stylish yet comfortable. That is always the goal for fashion, but especially for moms! As moms, we desire comfortable outfits that move with us throughout the day. Because we never stop moving, am I right? We also want our clothes to be comfortable enough so we can get on the ground and build that giant block tower…for the millionth time. (Are we having fun yet?)

Yes, comfort is always on our minds, but this doesn’t mean style gets thrown out the window! It’s more than possible to marry the two, to be comfortable at home but look presentable enough for our luxurious yet necessary coffee runs and sanity-saving play dates. Here are 4+ stylish mom outfits and outfit formulas that you can easily copy that will have you nailing style plus comfort in no time!

1. leggings + basic tee + long cardigan + mules slides + tote bag

mom outfits

Most stylish mom outfits are going to start with simple pieces that get jazzed up with a layer and accessories. In this look, you’ve got Spanx leggings to hold that stretchier than normal belly in (highly recommend) paired with a loose-fitting basic v-neck.

A printed tote bag adds interest to this otherwise neutral look and the long cardigan (in a contrasting color) is great for added mom comfort (to cover the bum) and add an extra dimension as well.

When looking to dress up your simple pieces, look for details, especially in gold for that luxe factor. A mule slide shoe with a gold bar is comfortable and easy to wear, yet instantly makes your leggings look a little bit dressier.

Wear this outfit to your Target run, a playdate at a fellow mom’s house, or a Chick-Fil-A lunch stop!

leggings | shirt | cardigan (similar) | shoes (similar) | jewelry | bag

2. swing dress + boxy cardigan + sneakers + gold jewelry + carry-all bag

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Yes, you can be comfortable in a dress at home! Just pair biker shorts underneath so you don’t have to worry about keeping your legs crossed in a certain way. A t-shirt or swing dress should definitely be in your wardrobe, as the material is comfortable and the silhouette is forgiving. Perfect for the moms that don’t want clingy clothes! And yet, you don’t sacrifice style as a dress instantly makes you look more stylish.

Every mom needs a good pair of sneakers, from walking miles at the zoo to chasing kids around the park. And when I say “good”, I mean CUTE! A stylish pair of sneakers can elevate your outfit and unless you have a specialized foot health problem, you can find plenty that are supportive too.

With a leather carry-all bag, a trendy boxy cardigan, and stacked gold necklaces, you’ve knocked the style out of the park. Get it, mama!

sneakers | dress (similar) | cardigan (similar) | jewelry | bag

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3. v neck tee + pull on tie pants + gold jewelry + mule slides + carryall bag

shirt | jewelry | bag | pants

Upgrade your sweats to a sleeker and more stylish pair of bottoms with these pull-on pants- a mom’s best friend! Available in plenty of materials, styles, and prints, there’s a style for every personality. A tie can cinch you in a little bit more and add more definition to your waist, but as long as it doesn’t come across as frumpy, you can’t go wrong!

At home, you don’t need much. When you get ready to head out the door, grab your leather tote bag, slip on your stylish mule slides, and grab your statement sunnies. Did someone say, “chic mama”?!

4. basic tee + jeans + gold jewelry + sweatshirt + sneakers

tee | jeans | jewelry | sneakers

Wearing jeans at home? Yes, it can work! Just look for ones with lots of stretch, as wearing jeans around the house have the power to instantly make us feel more productive and put together.

For an elevated look, retire your sporty t-shirts as jeans pair perfectly with basic tees and graphic tees! A few simple swaps, such as graphic tees from sports tees can dramatically upgrade your style. On that note, consider switching out a “typical” diaper bag for a leather backpack or stylish crossbody. But hey, keep those mom jeans, because you can totally make them look good!

If even the threat of death can’t break you out of your sweats, then consider getting a few classy lounge sets. When things match it instantly elevates your home outfits. Plus, higher-end materials (such as cashmere inspired instead of waffle knit), makes things look classier too. Matching sets and more expensive fabrics are great ways to look polished as a stay-at-home mom while still being comfortable!

Check out some more outfit ideas below!

Stylish Mom Outfit Formulas

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