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The Outfit That Got Me Published In InStyle Magazine

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Guess what?? Well, my title might have given it away, but I’ve been featured in the November 2018 issue of InStyle! It’s hard to talk about good news without sounding braggy, but it’s always been on my bucket list to be in a magazine and it’s happened…and with one of my favorite magazines no less!

The Outfit That Got Me Published in InStyle Magazine

instyle magazine

I wish I could say they were knocking down my door to give me an exclusive feature (hehe), but I’m featured with some other fabulous ladies in the “real style” segment, where you can write to the magazine and tell them what in their magazine inspired you!

instyle magazine

I’ve always loved InStyle because, in my opinion, their pages are filled with more real and attainable fashions. Not dissing any other magazines and I still do look at them for inspiration, but sometimes the fashions are just a little out there and I’m left wondering how this even translates to real life!

check blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfit

I was inspired by an article they did about fall fashions and the featured blazers and ever classic check print. This blazer in the post is one of my favorites, but I also wear this other checked one a lot too!

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Though I usually tend to stick to a neutral palette, I like this burgundy sweater for fall. Plus it matched the slight color line in the blazer that I thought was cool.

I don’t care what people say about high waisted jeans, I love them. I was wearing mom jeans before I was ever a mom, but hey I guess I have every right to now! 🙂

You usually see wicker and straw bags in summer, but I thought this one added some texture to the look. I think the darker color helps to make it more fall appropriate.

check blazer outfitcheck blazer outfitcheck blazer outfit
My blazer is from Target (last season). They don’t make the same one this year, but they make an almost exact one or super similar ones like this one and this one. My jeans are from Boohoo and they’re a high waisted mom style. The shoes are from Target last season as well, and the exact shoe isn’t there anymore, but this pair and this pair are similar! My top is actually my husband’s sweater, it’s old and from Gap, but I like this one and this one and they’re actually made for women ;). My bag is thrifted, but I found some similar ones here and here!

Maybe you care about all that outfit stuff and maybe you don’t. But it seems like a fitting fashion blog thing to put it in here haha.

check blazer outfit

Well, I can’t end this post without giving you some actionable fashions nuggets, so here it is:

  • If you read this post then you’ll see that the majority of my stuff is from Target. Being stylish doesn’t mean that you only have to wear designer. In fact, sometimes I think that actually stifles true taste when you’re just dependent on a brand name. I think mixing high + low is very chic.

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  • Don’t be afraid to wear what’s not super trendy at the moment. I think trends are fun and I do have my trendy moments, but don’t be afraid to dial it way back! And for me, I guess way back means grandma style haha. Recently I asked my husband if he thought my style was changing, and he thought about it seriously and replied, “I think you’re looking more like a grandma.” I wasn’t even offended because it’s true haha. Give me all those loafers, blazers with shoulder pads, turtlenecks, tweed, and high waisted jeans.

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  • When in doubt, fall back on the classics. There’s really nothing groundbreaking about this look, and I can’t say I’m the first person to invent it, but it works because the classics never disappoint!


Thank you so much for following along this blogging and fashion journey with me!

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