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43 Preppy Clothing Brands That Will Elevate Your Wardrobe

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If you’ve ever wondered what the key magic formula is for achieving that effortlessly preppy style, the secret is easy: Buy clothes from preppy clothing brands. Yes, it’s that simple! Nailing that preppy look will be a breeze because these fashion retailers will have all the essentials you need to build the best preppy wardrobe all in one place. From polo shirts, tote bags, and button-down shirts to preppy shoes like loafers – preppy clothing brands have it all. Need to know which brands have preppy clothes? Look no further because we have listed 43 preppy clothing brands worth knowing.

But before you start checking out these preppy fashion brands, here is an official preppy handbook to help you understand the style of preppy clothing and its origin.

What Is Preppy Style?

This fashion aesthetic marries classic style and collegiate charm, offering posh, irresistible elegance.

The term ‘preppy style’ was born from the fashion choices of wealthy American college boys in the 1890s and 1900s. These Ivy League gents, hailing from schools like Yale University and preparatory schools, were the epitome of sartorial elegance.

They sported pieces like cable-knit sweaters, tennis court shoes, rugby shirts, and boat shoes from classic brands like Brooks Brothers. It was in the 1930s that the preppy style transcended to college women who also embraced this timeless fashion style.

Who Is the Preppy Style Most Suitable For?

If you want to determine whether or not you are an actual prep, check out these points and see if they apply to you.

You love the classic look

Do you prefer styles that stand the test of time over fashion trends? Indeed, the preppy style is the perfect match for you because preppy outfits are characterized by timeless pieces.

You have an old-money lifestyle

If you love furnishing your home with elegant home decor and spending your Sundays talking about your favorite tennis players, the preppy style will fit your old money lifestyle!

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You love neutral colors

The preppy style is excellent for you if your primary color palette is black, white, navy blue, grey, and other light colors. These are the colors associated with American collegiate charm.

(If you need help learning what colors and clothes to have in your wardrobe, we have a free guide you can get by signing up here!)

You are not into fast fashion

Do you avoid buying from fast fashion brands that follow fleeting trends? If so, the preppy style is definitely for you. Preppy fashion is all about quality and timeless style. True preps only buy clothes that are made to last, not only in quality but in style.

Wardrobe Must-Haves for a Preppy Style

Are you dipping your toes into the world of preppy fashion and don’t know where to start? Here are wardrobe staples to help you create a chic foundation for your preppy looks. They’re core classics that will set the tone in your wardrobe, but remember, they’re not the only pieces you will need. Your wardrobe will also require clothing items for many occasions – this could be for a getaway, workout, or special family event.

It’s also good to look at these wardrobe must-haves as inspiration and a guide for the elegant pieces you need for your preppy closet. For example, an Oxford shirt would inspire you to get tailored pants to accompany your top.

Oxford Shirts

These shirts are the most dependable pieces in your closet as they will make your outfit look instantly preppy. Style them with khaki pants or a pleated skater skirt and belt.

Blazers/Rowing Blazers

Blazers are tried-and-true pieces that are an integral part of the preppy style. They’re versatile but look particularly polished when worn with a collared shirt.

Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are one of the best purchases you will make for your preppy wardrobe. They will see you through so many seasons. For a classy style, khaki pants are often worn with white button-down shirts and loafers.


If there is a pair of shoes that screams “preppy style!”, it’s loafers. You honestly can’t go wrong with loafers. They work with any preppy outfit, from straight-leg jeans and an Oxford shirt to elegant skater skirts and tights. The style possibilities are endless.

White Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are another pair you absolutely need to achieve the preppy style. They effortlessly infuse an outfit with collegiate charm and casual elegance.


Chinos are the sister of khaki pants; the only difference is that they are made of lighter fabric. This makes them perfect for wearing during the summer season.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts complete any preppy wardrobe. They’re great for creating iconic preppy outfits because they offer versatility and class.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are an essential addition to a preppy wardrobe. They will complete any outfit, whether with a dress or a shirt and pants combo.

Classic Belts

Timeless belts help to tie a look together. What’s more to love about classic belts is that they work for any preppy look.

Sweater Vests

The next wardrobe must-have is a sweater vest. This classic piece is perfect when layered over a white button-down shirt.

Rugby Shirts

Rugby shirts are tops that all the preppy style icons always have in their closet. They inject the perfect dose of class and college charm into an outfit. What’s more to love about rugby shirts is that they can be styled in many ways. Wear it with your go-to pair of jeans or a skirt.

Wellingtons/Rain Boots

Preppy outfits are consistently elevated with a pair of wellingtons. They work with any preppy outfit and can be worn again, again, and again.

Now without further ado, here are the top preppy brands to have on your radar. Scroll on to dive into the wonderful world of preppy fashion!

1. J.Crew

All the preppy girls like to shop at J.Crew. It’s also one of our favorite preppy brands here at MCO for a good reason! This classic brand has a wide selection of timeless clothes. You can find everything from tweed dresses and button-down linen dresses to shirt dresses that are fit for tea parties and soirées.

J.Crew also has no shortage of crisp white button-down shirts that embody a chic spirit. This famous preppy brand will also be your go-to shop for blazers, dress pants, cashmere sweaters, and more.

Price range: $20 – $1,251

2. Tommy Hilfiger

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with the preppy pieces from Tommy Hilfiger. This legendary brand has been great at crafting iconic preppy college American styles since 1985.

Tommy Hilfiger offers elevated and sophisticated pieces with a playful and modern twist. So, if you’re looking for preppy clothes with a contemporary flair, Tommy Hilfiger is calling your name.

You can find great American classics with a “Tommy twist,” like slim-fit polo shirts that boast the iconic TH logo. The brand also has polo dresses that would be great for rocking at country clubs. Other timeless and charming clothing items include relaxed straight-leg pants, oversized striped cardigans, khaki trench coats, leather mid-block heels, Oxford shirts – the list goes on.

Price range: $25 – $300

3. Abercrombie & Fitch

Create the perfect preppy uniform with clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch. The history of Abercrombie dates back to 1892 when David Abercrombie, an outdoor specialty retailer, founded the brand.

The Abercrombie company later became Abercrombie & Fitch in 1904 when Ezra Fitch joined the brand. Since then, Abercrombie & Fitch has been making clothes with an optimistic American spirit.

If you’re looking for comfortable and classy dresses, Abercrombie & Fitch has premium linen midi dresses and poplin dresses. You will also love the tailored pants, polished polos, oversized poplin shirts, and plenty more elegant pieces.

Price range: $19 – $220

4. Tory Burch

Adding pieces from Tory Buch will not be a decision you will regret. The brand was founded by American fashion designer Tory Burch in 2004. This New York-based brand is well-renowned for its irresistibly chic handbag collections.

Some must-have handbags you need in your preppy closet are the Perry compartment tote bags and the Robinson top handle bags. These timeless bags will look great with all your preppy outfits.

On top of the luxurious bags, Tory Burch has ready-to-wear pieces that are effortlessly polished. You will find everything from belted coats, poplin shirt dresses, collared crewnecks, smocked dresses, and tailored pants, to many more incredible pieces.

Price range: $49 – $2,398

5. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an excellent place to explore for preppy and pretty clothing. The brand was founded by Kate and Andy Spade in 1993 to offer high-end bags at an affordable price point. Since its inception, Kate Spade has focused on providing pieces with an optimistic and feminine spirit.

You will see floral crossbody bags, tote bags, and elegant clutches. Besides the amazing bag collection, Kate Spade offers other cute and classy accessories. This includes floral print silk scarves, oval sunglasses, polka dot umbrellas, and more.

Kate Spade is also the place to look for polished and feminine clothing. You can find everything from stripe wrap dresses to floral one-shoulder dresses, and spring gingham pants.

Price range: $48 – $800

6. Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer should be your go-to brand for timelessly chic preppy clothes. This iconic fashion brand blossomed after Palm Beach socialite, Lilly Pulitzer, started her own juice stand in the 1950s.

After a few lemonade spills on her dress, the late Lilly collaborated with a dressmaker to create spill-proof linen dresses with a cotton-lined design. And the result? The first Lilly shift dress was born. This dress caught the attention of fashion lovers in Palm Springs to the point where every fashionable woman wanted a dress. Lilly Pulitzer also gained more success after Jackie Kennedy was featured on the front cover of Life Magazine wearing a Lilly dress.

Fast-forward to more than 50 years later, and Lilly Pulitzer is still a fan favorite among fashionistas who love clothes with a charming and timeless allure. The shift dresses are the bestsellers, but you will also fall in love with many more styles. This includes ruffle tops, relaxed button-down shirts, and fun accessories. Every piece is guaranteed to add some joy and femininity to your closet.

Price range: $48 – $648

7. Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines began in 1998 after two brothers, Shep and Ian Murray, grew tired of working at their office jobs. They set out the goal of exchanging their mundane office life for fun outdoor adventures. The brothers decided to share their love for the American dream and Martha’s Vineyard in their fashion brand (hence the name, Vineyard Vines).

The brand is defined by the preppy ethos of the summer and the quintessential East Coast lifestyle. It also targets anyone trying to live the “good life.” Vineyard Vines’ collections include straw tote bags, cashmere cardigans, silk shirt dresses, and many more pieces that embody timeless elegance and coastal charm. Wear the clothing items to seaside escapades, a Kentucky derby, or summer nuptials.

Price range: $18 – $650

8. Sperry

Embodying a fun and elegant spirit, Sperry is all about making waves in the fashion industry with its iconic boat shoes. The brand was founded in 1935 when the founder, Paul Sperry, fell overboard from a boat.

This accident inspired him to make the world’s first slip-resistant deck shoes to help him continue doing what he loved the most, sailing! Eventually, in 1946, new Sperry styles were launched, and they could be used beyond the sea for everyday usage like playing tennis and leisure.

So if you’re on the hunt for preppy footwear, Sperry should be your go-to destination for the finest boat shoes. From boat shoes with floral motifs, leather materials, and mule finishes – they come in different styles, colors, and finishes.

Price range: $50 – $199.95

9. Lacoste

Have you ever wondered who was behind the idea of the shirts and clothes with the crocodile logo? Enter: René Lacoste. The legendary Tennis champion, René Lacoste, invented the world’s first short-sleeved polo shirt in a breathable fabric to make playing tennis more comfortable.

This shirt gave him a light-bulb moment to launch the brand Lacoste. He launched the brand with the principles of breaking fashion rules while keeping it classy and elegant.

Inspired by his fearless skills on the court, Lacoste earned the playful nickname “the crocodile.” This nickname sparked the brilliant idea of making the crocodile the logo of his brand. Now the iconic crocodile is synonymous with effortless elegance and athletic chic style.

Lacoste has all the elegant clothing items and must-haves to meet your preppy fashion needs. You will find everything from timeless sweater vests, monogram varsity jackets, polo shirts, tapered checkered pants, and canvas tote bags.

Price range: $15 – $800

10. Talbots

Talbots is the type of preppy clothing brand that once you start shopping there, you will never stop. This women’s brand was founded in 1947 by Nancy and Rudy Talbot, emphasizing modern, classy, and “smile-worthy” clothes for every occasion.

Talbots is brimming with the best preppy clothes. From polished casual pieces like linen blazers, tweed collarless jackets, v-neck sweaters, and great fancy dresses in its offering.

Price range: $11 – $428

11. Southern Tide

Southern Tide is for the fashion-forward woman who loves a preppy and southern style. The brand was founded in 2006 in South Carolina.

The first product to get them on the fashion map was their Skipjack polos. The polos became a hit in the fashion world because of their fit, design, and comfort. The brand later added clothing collections that were not just for tennis matches and other outdoor adventures but for many other occasions.

So, whether you have a fancy dinner date or want to go on a casual outing, Southern Tide has a great selection of high-quality and timeless coastal pieces. Think stripe dresses, wide-leg pants, twill shorts, and crewneck t-shirts. 

What’s also great about Southern Tide is its special collegiate collection, so you will have endless access to the best polo shirts, button-down shirts, and much more.

Price range: $58 – $200

12. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is the epitome of preppy style. The brand was founded in 1818 to design classic American styles. It has been a fan favorite among 39 American presidents and dapper Ivy League gentlemen.

However, the brand isn’t only a men’s brand. Brooks Brothers have expanded their offering to women. The legendary brand offers clothes that fall under the preppy style you will find everything from chic suit separates to linen dresses, polished polos, and more.

Price range: $42 – $600

13. Rowing Blazers

If there is one preppy brand you need to have on your radar, it’s Rowing Blazers. The brand was established by Jack Carlson, who was on the U.S. national rowing team.

Rowing Blazers offers classic blazers with a modern take, including bright colors and unique touches. So, if you’re on the hunt for preppy blazers with streetwear and sporty influences, Rowing Blazers is the brand for you.

Beyond the blazers, this brand also has a great selection of polo t-shirts, knits, and leisurewear. 

Price range: $18 – $800

14. Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia was born out of Stacey Benet’s love for vintage and feminine styles. This A-list favorite brand has a great selection of whimsical yet classy designs to complete your preppy wardrobe.

Some bestseller items are denim dresses, wide-leg pants, and midi dresses – trust me, you will not be disappointed with the chic designs.

Price range: $50 – $1,000

15. Land’s End

In 1963, Land’s End was built on the principles of crafting high-quality clothing pieces for the entire family. The brand combines understated elegance and functional designs to create timeless, comfortable pieces.

The goal is to make their clothes so soft and easy to wear that it feels like you are experiencing “Sunday comfort” every day. You will easily put together the best preppy looks with the endless selection of blazers, coats, fleece tops, chino pants, and more!

Price range: $34.95 – $500

16. Sporty & Rich

Want to look like a sporty and rich Ivy League student? You definitely need to check out this timeless brand. It was established from a dreamy mood board about life’s beautiful moments, mixing past inspirations with modern elegance.

The brand evolved from a chic print magazine to a preppy fashion brand that offers simple yet elegant styles that outlast the fashion calendar.

Price range: $40 – $345

17. Wilfred

Wilfred is an exclusive brand by the iconic fashion label, Aritzia. What we love about Wilfred is the endless option of feminine and flattering pieces. The pants have a chic appeal, the trench coats are timeless, and the tops exude a romantic flair.

Price range: $8 – $378

18. Barbour 

John Barbour established his namesake label in 1894. His most popular design for the brand is the wax cotton jacket, which was launched in 1936. Due to its style and durability, it became a go-to jacket for motorcycle riders.

The luxury English brand has other great pieces that are exceptionally made and will stand the test of time. Barbour has a good collection of cardigans, jackets, tailored pants, boots, and more!

Price range: $26 – $600

19. Hunter Boots

You’ve probably seen the royals and Hollywood celebrities sport Hunter Boots. This popular brand has amazing boots that will go with any preppy outfit you can think of.

They can accompany jeans and a button-down blazer, a flowy wrap dress, or even a trench coat and jeans – the styling possibilities are endless. 

Price range: $60 – $700

20. J.Mclaughlin

Immerse yourself in the stylish and preppy world of J. McLaughlin. This brand was launched in 1977 by two brothers, Jay and Kevin, to craft classic American sportswear apparel with a modern twist. J. Mclaughlin prioritizes timeless style over fleeting trends. Plus, the J brand is all about designing clothes that are not pretentious.

You will not have a dull moment scrolling through the J. Mclaughlin website. The brand has fancy pieces in signature prints that are great for formal occasions and casual days, such as long sleeve tops, blazers, tailored shorts, and polished accessories. 

Price range: $58 – $595

21. Sail to Sable

In 2012, Jennifer Stocker traded her publishing career for a fashion venture. She started Sail to Sable out of a passion for classic silhouettes, statement prints, and dreamy summer adventures on the East Coast.

Jennifer’s female-led brand curates resort wear that effortlessly elevates everyday style with a preppy, coastal charm.

Price range: $148 – $300

22. Ted Baker

For effortless preppy woman style, head over to Ted Baker. The brand has a vast amount of preppy and feminine pieces, including tote bags, romantic floral dresses, drape-neck tops, slingback pumps, and more.

Price range: $35 – $700

23. Banana Republic

Banana Republic has no shortage of preppy clothes to take your style from bland to preppy in seconds. The brand was founded by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in 1978 out of a spirit of adventure. You can find everything from blazers to trench coats to sweaters and many more wardrobe classics.

Price range: $50 – $800

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24. Ralph Lauren

This preppy clothing brands list wouldn’t be complete without Ralph Lauren. For over 50 years, Ralph Lauren has designed clothes that tell a story of authenticity and timeless elegance. You will find polo shirts, jackets, and button-down shirts that blend sophistication with allure.

Price: $22 – $1,000

25. Michael Kors

Let’s talk about Michael Kors – the epitome of chic and accessible luxury. American fashion designer Michael Kors started his namesake brand in 1981. For over 40 years, Michael Kors has always delivered the most fashionable pieces, which is why this brand should be your go-to for polished accessories, garments, and more.

Price: $155 – 1,295

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26. Levi Strauss & Co.

Every preppy wardrobe needs a stylish, classy, and reliable pair of jeans. After all, jeans are the building blocks of most preppy outfits, so Levis is a good brand to check out.

Levis, a brand that has not only shaped fashion but also popular culture, was founded in 1853 by Levis Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria. Setting up shop in San Fransisco, California, during the California Gold Rush, he identified a need for durable workwear.

This led to a collaboration with tailor Jacob Davis, resulting in the invention of the iconic ‘Blue Jeans’ in 1873. From being exclusively worn by gold miners, these jeans soon found favor with Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe, marking the beginning of their iconic journey through popular culture.

Price range: $50 – $128

27. Coach

Level up your accessories with Coach. The iconic brand was co-founded by Lillian and Miles Cahn out of the inspiration of creative director Stuart Vevers, who wanted to make pretty things that were durable.

Price range: $35 – $750

28. Guess

Guess was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981. They swapped their love for the South of France for the American dream. The brothers used their European influence to inject an elegant flair into denim.

The result? The iconic Menlyn jeans were born. The brand has expanded beyond denim to dresses, handbags, and more.

Price range: $25 – $500

29. Nautica

Nautica is one of the best preppy clothing brands for warm weather style. It was founded in 1983 with the goal of designing nautical-inspired clothes (hence the name). If you need preppy clothes for this summer, I recommend getting items from Nautica.

Price range: $8 – $85

30. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is not just a preppy brand for gentlemen, this German brand also has great pieces for women as well. You will not be disappointed with the wide selection of modern and classy pieces!

Price range: $35 – $600

31. Cole Haan

You might not have heard of Cole Haan, but when you go through the timeless footwear the brand has, you will definitely want to shop there. Cole Haan was established in 1928 to offer excellent craftsmanship, comfort, and design.

Cole Haan has created shoes with a traditional American style and bold innovations for nearly a century. From loafers, ballet flats, espadrille sandals, and Oxfords, the brand has preppy footwear for formal occasions, casual outings, and more. You’re guaranteed to find polished shoes for your preppy wardrobe.

Price range: $90 – $425

32. Loewe

This Spanish luxury brand was founded in Madrid in 1846. Its tone is chic and classic, with influences from art. So, if you need luxurious items for your preppy closet, Loewe should be your one-stop shop for the perfect clothing.

From its signature raffia tote bags to its iconic leather footwear, Loewe is a great place to discover the best styles.

Price range: $300 – $3000

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33. Mango

If Loewe is out of your budget, consider shopping at Mango. This Spanish brand has amazing classic pieces without the steep price tag of some designer brands. You will find everything from trench coats to sweaters, loafers, classic sunglasses, and more.

Price range: $18 – $650

34. River Island

Another brand to have on your fashion radar is River Island. This iconic British high-street brand was founded in 1959. The brand is inspired by heritage styles and modern influences. It offers classic silhouettes that will perfectly align with your preppy style. This includes intelligent blazers, tailored pants, and button-down shirts.

Price range: $10 – $200

35. Club Monaco

Since 1985, the Canadian brand Club Monaco has been focused on creating “better basics.” The brand is committed to creating effortlessly chic classics that will make your life easier. So, if you need to stock up on preppy basics, Club Monaco is calling your name.

Price range: $32.50- $950

36. Frank and Oak

Under-the-radar brand Frank and Oak was founded in 2012 with the idea of inspiring better living by designing eco-conscious clothes. It’s a great brand to shop from if you’re looking for ethically made preppy clothes. Some of the most popular items from Frank and Oak are bermuda shorts, striped bubble cardigans, relaxed blazers, and straight-leg jeans.

Price range: $10 – $600

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37. L.L.Bean

Need classic outdoor outfits? Look no further than L.L.Bean. Leon Leonwood Bean started this brand in 1912 to deliver exceptionally crafted and timeless outdoor clothes. The brand has everything from insulated jackets to sweaters, sandals, jeans, and more.

Price range: $20 – $180

38. Gap

You can always depend on Gap to give you the best wardrobe staples to build your preppy wardrobe. The brand was founded in 1959 with the goal of making the search for the perfect pair of jeans easier.

More than 50 years later, Gap is not only the place to find a good pair of jeans; it’s also the go-to shop for classic white tees, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, and more.

Price range: $18 – $230

39. LOFT

Get ready to be obsessed with the modern and feminine pieces at LOFT. This brand has everything you need to create that effortless, preppy, and girly style. Loft offers spring tweed jackets, striped poplin dresses, rugby collared sweaters, and many more charming clothes.

Price range: $19- 180

40. Draper James

If you’re a fan of Reese Witherspoon, you’re going to love her clothing line. Most celebrity clothing lines miss the mark, but Draper James actually has some lovely clothing pieces.

Classic prints like florals and checkpoints are a prominent theme in Draper James’ collections, which is great if you’re looking for preppy clothes with a feminine touch.

Price range: $43 – $300

41. Dudley Stephens

Step up your style with Dudley Stephens, a women-led brand that caters to the modern woman’s preference for classic styles over fashion trends. What sets Dudley Stephens apart is its commitment to sustainability, crafting pieces that stand the test of time in recycled performance fabrics.

From turtlenecks to pullovers, shorts, and more, you’re sure to find a piece that speaks to your classic style.

Price range: $148 – $200

42. Hill House Home

Hill House Home should be the brand to explore for preppy clothes! The brand prides itself on celebrating life by offering exceptionally quality classic styles.

Experience the elegance of Hill House Home, a brand that embodies the preppy vibe with its elegant yet simple designs. Picture yourself in their pretty puff sleeve dresses, a style that instantly transports you to the Hamptons. And don’t forget to check out their cool accessories, perfect for adding a touch of spice to your preppy outfits.

Price range: $18 – $828

43. Tuckernuck

The last preppy clothing brand to know is Tuckernuck. There is a lot to love about this fashion retailer. Tickernuck has the best brands that offer effortlessly fresh styles, such as classic ballet flats, raffia tote bags, flowy dresses, polo shirts, tweed dresses, and more.

Price range: $24 – $1,000

Finding the Perfect Preppy Clothing Brands for You

In your quest for achieving that effortlessly preppy quintessential style, the secrets are out: it’s all about shopping at preppy clothing brands and wearing the classic wardrobe basics. So if you’re trying to become a preppy girl, our curated list of 43 must-know preppy clothing brands is your guide to effortless elegance.

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