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10 Old Money Outfits That Exude Class

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The old money fashion trend is dominating the fashion world, and I personally love that classic style is becoming more well-loved and accepted. From well-tailored clothing to classic colors, old money outfits have a timeless charm. If you want to join the old money fashion movement but need help figuring out where to start – I’ve got good news for you! I’ve put together a plethora of different outfit ideas to help you get the ball rolling. But before you start picking out what old money outfits to recreate, you may be wondering what exactly the old money aesthetic is.

What is Old Money Style?

This fashion trend is defined by the styles of upper-class families with insanely good taste in fashion. Their go-to clothing choices have a timeless style and ooze an effortless elegance.

Unlike new money outfits that are known for being trend-led and showy with designer logos, old money outfits have a quiet luxury, with a lot of emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship.

If you have grown tired of fad clothing and want to switch your style to the old money dress code (i.e., classic and chic), this comprehensive guide will help you. And the best part? You don’t have to have old money to create old money outfits.

Now, let’s go through these old money outfits!

1. striped trench coat + matching travel bag

coat | bag

Who doesn’t want to look like they have a unique personal style while still dressing in a classic way? This is the perfect outfit to help you look like a million bucks without trying too hard.

To recreate this outfit, you will first need a striped trench coat. This chic coat has a beautifully subtle elegance. It’s made of faux leather and boasts a classic stripe design.

The coat also has a long silhouette and a belted waist for an expensive, flattering look. Pair it with a matching striped travel bag to create a sophisticated monochromatic look.

As for the rest of the look? Go for black pumps and oversized sunglasses to add an essence of old money style.

Channel your inner rich girl and wear this outfit on your upcoming business trip or holiday. Can you just picture wearing a look like this on your next vacation while you take a train through Europe? Retro chic!

2. cape blazer + dress pants

blazer | pants

Thanks to a classic color combo, this look exudes the effortless sophistication that the fashion world (and myself) can’t get over.

To embody the mood of this old money style, start your outfit with a cape blazer for a classy style. The white buttons add a chic contrast to the black.

Coordinate the buttons with white dress pants to look flawlessly put together. Complete your outfit with black heels for a simultaneously cohesive and sleek look.

​Spice up the old money outfit with a brooch and a quilted black bag. Now you’ve got an outfit the late Coco Chanel would have approved!

3. tweed dress + chain belt + leather gloves

dress | belt (similar)

This look just oozes classiness. Recreate it by wearing a white a-line tweed dress. Tweed is an excellent material with a rich look and feel. This silhouette also has the perfect timeless design for creating old money looks. (Or any classy looks for that matter!)

Nothing says old money quite like leather gloves. Pair your dress with black leather gloves for a chic aesthetic style. Sprinkle more old money style to your outfit by accessorizing it with a black quilted bag. And finally, add some glamour with black sunglasses.

4. button-front dress + tights + silk scarf


Unlock the old money style by copying this outfit idea. Start your outfit with a black button-front dress. The black hue is excellent because it’s classic and has an expensive look.

The fitted silhouette and v-neck also make the dress a more feminine piece. Spice up your attire with black sheer tights for a fashionable monochromatic look. Tie the look together with a printed silk scarf and a quilted bag. It’s giving stewardess, but in the best way. 😉

A classic footwear choice to wear with this outfit is black pumps. This is a great choice because black pumps add the perfect dose of timeless flair to an outfit.

5. vest + dress pants

vest | pants

Blazer vests play a pivotal role in every old money wardrobe. They’re simple yet have a powerful and elegant look. Team up your vest with white dress pants; your outfit will instantly look well put together.

When styling old money outfits, you must focus on choosing the right accessories. So, in this case, the best accessories for this look would be black leather gloves and a black quilted bag.

These pieces will take your outfit to a whole new level of chic. Offset the white outfit with black pumps.

6. satin blouse + midi skirt + flats

top | skirt | shoes

What do you wear on a Sunday that embodies the old money style? This is a great idea. Comfort is one of the key elements of feeling good in what you wear, and though you’ve seen a lot of heels in this post so far, slip-on flats are a great option too.

The first clothing item you will need is a satin blouse. It’s elegant and soft to wear for an effortless old money Sunday church or office look. On this top, the standup collar, pleats on the shoulder, and long sleeves give the top a statement finish.

Pair the top with a black midi skirt for a stylish, modest touch. Slip on red flats to splash a pop of color into this neutral outfit.

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7. matching pinstripe vest + pant set

vest | pants

The pinstripe vest exudes a sophisticated look, and the silhouette is classy. Maintain the elegance of the outfit by pairing it with matching pants.

This old money outfit is complete with leather gloves, so style your look with a classic pair. Accessorize it with black oversized sunglasses and black pumps. These small details are what make an outfit achieve the old money aesthetic trend.

You can wear this outfit to business meetings or other formal events.

8. tweed jacket + dress pants

jacket | pants

When it comes to putting together old money outfits, it’s all about simple and refined styling. Have you noticed how style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot kept their outfits simple? Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication!

The foundation of most old-money outfits is a tweed jacket. It is an understated piece that makes many outfits look timeless and fancy. Elevate it with white dress pants and pair it with black pumps to achieve a well-put-together look.

And of course, complete the look with oversized sunglasses.

9. button-down + button-front dress + headband

button-down (similar) | button-front dress

Every closet needs a striped button-down shirt. Why? It provides the perfect base for creating old money outfits. While they are excellent when worn with dress pants, try something different this time.

Exchange your pants for a strapless dress for a feminine and eye-catching look. Accompany your dress with two-tone heels.

This outfit wouldn’t be complete without a cute accessory, so complete your look with a black preppy headband.

10. cropped jacket + turtleneck + dress pants

jacket | top | pants

Get dressed up like you’re about to go to an important business meeting with this outfit! To achieve this look, wear a white turtleneck. This classic top is a wardrobe staple for many wardrobes, and for a good reason. It’s versatile and easy to style.

For this look, layer on a beige cropped jacket. The cropped hem helps to emphasize the waist and offers a modern touch.

Accompany your tops and sweater with white dress pants to match your turtleneck. Complete your old money outfit with two-tone heels and a black quilted bag.

Now, you’re ready to go!

Key Takeaways of Old Money Outfits

1. Classic silhouettes: Old money outfits are characterized by clean lines, well-fitted clothing, and tailored cuts. This includes A-line skirts, sheath dresses, well-tailored coats, and trousers.

2. Timeless pieces: The only pieces you will need in your closet are classic designs. Once you have clothing items like coats, blazers, dress pants, and ballet flats, putting together old money outfits will feel like a breeze.

If you need more help figuring out what classic clothes to add to your old money wardrobe, get this FREE Classic French Wardrobe Shopping List by signing up here. French women are experts in classic fashion, so this shopping list will be helpful!

3. Trend-proof: Have you noticed that old-money style icons like Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn never followed trends? They focused on wearing clothes with timeless designs. This is why decades later their outfits still look fantastic. 

Stick to this key principle, and styling old money outfits will be a breeze.

4. High-quality materials: Quality reigns supreme in an old money wardrobe. It includes high-quality pieces like merino wool, silk, linen, cashmere, organic cotton, and more. Try to focus on finding classic clothes with exceptional craftsmanship. This will ensure that all your outfits have a perfect old money look.

But even if your budget can’t afford these high-quality materials (building a wardrobe takes time), you can still get the classic look by focusing on classic colors and silhouettes!

5. Non-flashy items: As I mentioned earlier, old money outfits are not defined by logos and overbranding. This is good news for your wallet! These outfits are often characterized by craftsmanship and heritage. Be thoughtful about your shopping habits; don’t be instantly drawn to logomania clothes. I know it might seem like a cheat code to look rich, but too many logos make an outfit look unfashionable and cheap.

Instead, focus on a few investment-worthy pieces to add to your wardrobe over time that can elevate your look. Related: 6 Investment Pieces To Have by the Time You Turn 50

6. Pay close attention to small details: Old money outfits are best achieved when you avoid making small fashion mistakes. Some examples of fashion faux pas are dusty shoes, pet hair on coats, foundation stains on white shirts, and visible undergarments.

7. Neutral colors: One of the key elements of old money outfits is neutral hues. When putting together old money outfits, white, beige, grey, and black are core colors. Neutrals help to make an outfit look effortlessly expensive and chic. Plus, when you add pops of color like red or purple, your neutral pieces will keep everything balanced.

8. You don’t need to have old money: Not all of us were born into obscenely wealthy families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like old money. You don’t need to break the bank to afford luxury brands. Luckily, you can find sophisticated pieces from places like J.Crew, Madewell, H&M, and Everlane.

More importantly, how you style your classic pieces is another key to nailing old money outfits. What do you wear your white button-down shirt with? Are you incorporating classic accessories into your looks?

9. Old money outfits are more than a fashion trend: Even though the old money fashion aesthetic is deemed a trend amongst Gen Z fashion lovers, it’s more than that. Old money outfits will outlive the fashion calendar. The style is timeless and chic – making it perfect for all-year-round styling. 

10. Keep your hair and makeup classy: Old money outfits look extra amazing when your makeup looks natural and subtle. The same also goes for your hair. Follow the same classic principles of old money fashion for your makeup. Avoid trend-led beauty looks and focus on makeup that enhances your natural features.

11. Conservative designs: The old money look typically consists of modest silhouettes and non-revealing styles like cut-outs. This conservative approach to old money clothes emphasizes sophistication and a sense of timeless elegance.

12. Confidence and proper etiquette: It’s not just about the clothes; how you carry yourself is an integral part of the old money style! Most old money style icons carry themselves with grace and confidence. Having proper etiquette in how you dress and behave is important. This will actually help make your old money outfits look better.

13. Investment pieces: If your budget allows, add heritage brands to your wardrobe. They’re great investment pieces because of their exceptional craftsmanship. Plus, having your clothes associated with prestigious brands helps to create the best-refined looks.

Though splurging on designer pieces is a personal choice, one of my favorite investment pieces is my Chanel quilted bag. It goes with many of my looks and has stood the test of time. Another favorite splurge accessory is my Chanel brooch – this small accessory instantly elevates any look! With that being said, I never think that designer pieces are necessary and you can create the same high-end look with high-quality pieces. It can be far too easy to rely on designer items to create old money looks.

14. Understated footwear: When it comes to old money outfits, opt for timeless and high-quality footwear in neutral hues. The shoes I used on rotation for all the old money looks were black pumps, flats, and two-toned block heels. They’re versatile, easy to wear, and classic, making them the perfect foundation for every old money outfit. Of course, put comfort first if you need to! Loafers are another great pick too.

15. Seasonal wardrobe: Your old money outfits need to transition seamlessly through all the seasons. For example, formal vests are great for summer worn by themselves, but they also work for the cooler months when layered over turtlenecks and sweaters. Focusing on a capsule wardrobe is a great way to effortlessly (and perhaps unexpectedly) achieve that stealth wealth look.

16. Cultural influence: Try to create old money outfits by getting inspiration from different fashion cultures. One of the best places to gather inspiration from is Parisian fashion as the Parisian woman’s style embodies a lot of old money principles. This includes neutral color palettes, timeless pieces, understated footwear, and elegant jewelry. You can also tap inspiration from other fashion styles like the American preppy aesthetic. Though it’s a preppy style and not as seemingly elegant, you can add pieces to your closet that are still classic, like Ralph Lauren polo shirts and a pair of loafers.

17. Traditional patterns: One of the key elements of old money outfits is subtle patterns. Build your wardrobe with patterns like pinstripes, stripes, and check patterns. It helps to add depth and interest to an outfit.

18. Simplicity: Old money outfits often signify the beauty in simplicity. You can make a statement without relying on logos, embellishments, or flashy details. Focus on simple and refined styling. For example, the way you layer your clothes can make an outfit look like old money. The quality of your fabrics can also make a chic statement; shiny and high-quality leather gloves will make your outfit stand out.

19. Old money lifestyle: Whether you go to fine dining restaurants, have a European holiday, or “update” your home with 18th-century European decor or an antique-looking piece from your local thrift store, old money outfits are even more fun to wear when your lifestyle reflects the old money aesthetic – on whatever scale is achievable for you!

20. Quality over quantity: You don’t need to fill your closet with a bunch of clothes as this aesthetic doesn’t require excess clothing. You only need key pieces like a crisp white shirt, dress pants, black pumps, and a blazer. It’s also important to focus on the quality of your clothes, not the quantity. Aim to add perfectly crafted pieces to your wardrobe.

Unlocking the Secrets of Old Money Outfits

Old money outfits may look complicated to style, but with these outfit formulas – you are guaranteed to look chic with minimal effort!

The clothing brands you pick go a long way in helping you achieve this aesthetic. Luckily for you, we have a list of old money clothing brands for all budgets.

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