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  1. Great tips! People who don’t shop at Walmart will be amazed at what you can find there. I constantly get compliments of items I’ve found at Walmart. In particular, people seem to love the jewelry that costs $3 or $4.

    • I’ve picked up some jewelry on sale for $1 before and I still wear it…there are seriously some good finds sometimes!

  2. You look super super cute! Living in a small town, we only have the option of Walmart or Amazon lol. This will be super helpful the next time that I pop in.

  3. dang girl, you make walmart look soooo chic! i had no idea that walmart carried CK actually :O but it’s also been a while since i’ve shopped clothing there haha. looks like they’ve really upped their game!

    • They have! At least online. I have yet to check in the stores yet! And thank you for the kind words…that was my goal 🙂

  4. I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging open in shock because I can’t believe this entire look is from Walmart! I’m impressed at how you styled these pieces, and now I’m thinking I need to look at their clothing department more often! Thanks for sharing your true thoughts on the shoes at the bottom of the post too 😉

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