parisian style graphic tee outfit

Outfit Challenge: How to Dress Chic From Walmart

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Though I don’t actually shop for clothes at Walmart that much, I know a lot of people that get lucky. Walmart has been stepping up their game lately, so this post is for those ladies to show how you can actually look pretty high end there while saving mega money on the wallet!

How to Dress Chic At Walmart

parisian style graphic tee outfit

This outfit head to toe is from Walmart. No, this post isn’t sponsored! Just another outfit challenge I’ve been giving myself like the one where I tried to find a chic outfit at goodwill, where my husband challenged me to make this not so cute item from Goodwill look cute, or where he found this entire outfit for me!

While shopping for this post, I picked up some great tips on how you can look chic while shopping at Walmart or other places like that!

How to Dress Chic At WalmartHow to Dress Chic At Walmart

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parisian style graphic tee outfitparisian style graphic tee outfit

1. Mix high and low
Mixing high and low isn’t a new thought, but if you don’t mind the occasional logo, mixing more inexpensive items with a logo that everyone will recognize will make your outfit more expensive!

How to Dress Chic At WalmartHow to Dress Chic At Walmart

2. Look for classic silhouettes and prints. Skip the obvious lack of quality
Some things can obviously look not as high quality, such as cheap fabrics or florals that stretch too thin when worn. It goes without saying that to look chic you don’t want to wear things that will lower the overall effect of your look!

How to Dress Chic At Walmartparisian style graphic tee outfit

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parisian style graphic tee outfit

3. Get items that are considered cool anywhere
Sometimes stores come out with their own clothing lines and you’re not really sure if the stuff is “cool” or not! Skip the wondering and just get things that you know are already cool, like graphic tees and leather pants. No matter the store, they’re always stylish.

parisian style graphic tee outfit

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parisian style graphic tee outfit

4. Add accessories
Accessories are my favorite way to jazz up a look. There are a ton of options, they’re usually pretty inexpensive, and you can do lots of mixing and matching. I feel like this outfit wouldn’t have been the same without the pop of red with the beret and sunglasses!

parisian style graphic tee outfit
sunglasses | graphic tee | pants (currently a way lower price than when I first bought them) | beret | shoes (I wore them for the sake of this post but they are actually kinda uncomfortable-also they are now about $20 more expensive)

These tips can be applied at any “budget” store if you’re looking to look chic while saving that moolah!

Oh, and this outfit was all found online. Are you interested in seeing what I can find in store too? Let me know in the comments!

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