Paris street style winter

Paris Street Style Winter Edition

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As flats morph into boots and coat lengths get longer and longer, it must mean one thing: winter is coming. Even though I’m closing out the year on this street-style series, you can still get inspired by what Parisians are wearing right now! From the perfect style of coats to casually draped scarves, fashion inspiration still abounds. Kick-off your December with a new dose of style ideas. We’ll start fresh in the spring. Merci!

1. navy belted coat + black pants + white sneakers & navy knee-length coat + black jeans + brown boots

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: (left) coat | sneakers
(right) coat | boots

What’s to love: A compelling case for mixing together navy and black, these two outfits show us that yes, fashion “rules” are made to be broken! These outfits also show us that a smart-looking coat can be worn with anything from white sneakers to brown boots.

Why I like it: {left}What a clever way to tie the belt on a coat! If it’s not so cold that you need your coat wrapped around you, I like the idea of casually tying it behind you instead of letting the straps hang to the side. Tucking that idea away for later.

2. camel hip-length coat + cropped flared jeans + brown ankle boots + leather crossbody bag

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: coat | jeans | boots

What’s to love: Not every look has to have a statement. With a classic coat, traditional jeans, and timeless boots, this outfit is one to love for its classic and chic look. A leather crossbody bag keeps your hands free and completes the look!

Why I like it: This is a favorite outfit combination of mine because it’s so versatile. It can easily be worn for day-to-day life and the block heel on the boots dress it up a little, adding a touch of casual elegance!

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3. {left} midi olive green coat + white pleated skirt + white sneakers + leather bag

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: olive green coat | skirt | sneakers

What’s to love: A beautiful coat and classic bag are offset with casual sneakers and a flowy skirt, creating an interesting and stylish dynamic. Want to keep wearing your skirts and dresses in the winter? You can! Just add tall socks, leggings, or tights underneath.

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Why I like it: I’m particularly drawn to the look on the left for many reasons. The olive green coat is so beautiful; it’s a refreshing color yet still stays in the neutral department. I love the mix of something dressier (pleated maxi skirt) with something casual (white sneakers). The bag is timeless and adds a touch of classic to this playful, casual look.

4. black knee-length coat + black dress pants + black scarf + black platform loafers

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: scarf | coat | shoes

What’s to love: Ah, here is that all-black look that many Parisians are known for wearing! And yet, it’s not boring, as this fashionable woman has mixed different lengths and textures. A wool coat with a knit scarf and patent shoes is a good reminder that going monochromatic is chic, elevated, and can easily be done with a few styling tips!

Why I like it: As a neutral lover myself, I’m partial to an all-black look, but what caught my attention were the shoes! I have a nice selection of loafers and I believe classics come first, but the chunkiness and patent material would be a nice way to switch up your basics when you’re looking to try something new but still stay classic.

5. checked blanket scarf + camel coat + skinny jeans + black ankle boots + olive green tote bag

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: scarf | coat | bag | shoes

What’s to love: A neutral yet patterned blanket scarf steals the show in this timeless look. Accented with an olive green bag (and umbrella), this woman is coordinating head to toe. With tall, shiny black ankle boots and a classic camel coat, this outfit reads current yet timeless all at once.

Why I like it: One thing I’ve been noticing a lot is that Parisians wear their scarves over their hair. Personally, I love it as I think it looks effortlessly chic. Like you were running out the door and threw on a beautiful scarf. Nice without trying too hard!

6. camel coat + frayed cropped jeans + ankle boots + patterned tote

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: coat | tote bag | boots

What’s to love: File this look under “classic outfit inspiration”. Though with a knee-length camel coat, truly any outfit belongs under that filing system. This outfit features the classic Parisian go-to example of cropped jeans & ankle boots, proving that when you find the right pieces that pair so well together, it’d just be a disservice not to wear them.

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Why I like it: I’ve noticed that many Parisians carry around 2 bags while walking around town. One for probably errands and groceries while one most likely holds their phone, keys, and wallet. Yet, they never clash either! I like the interest that the animal print brings to this outfit, but I like the camel coat, jeans, and boot combo even more.

7. beret + red scarf + black pea coat + wide-leg jeans + black ankle boots

Paris street style winter

Recreate the look: beret | scarf | coat | jeans

What’s to love: A knit beret is a refreshing take on your everyday winter hat. Of course, by now you know to expect a classic winter coat in a neutral color from Parisians. And though wide-leg jeans may come and go as far as what’s in fashion, they’ll never be truly out. They are a perfect item to wear in fall and winter because they pair great with all of your boots. A bold red scarf tops this outfit, adding personality and interest.

Why I like it: Though I’ve fully embraced jeans wider than a skinny leg, I haven’t gone into full wide-leg jean territory yet. Originally thinking it was best for bohemian styles, I’m changing my mind, thinking that they can now fit into casual-chic style too. I also like the idea of adding print and color through a scarf, instead of having to commit to a bold red coat.

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Paris Street Style Winter Quick Fashion Tips

  • Try casually tying your belted coat straps behind you instead of letting them fall to the side.
  • Here’s your fashion reminder that the classics won’t fail you- try pairing a coat with cropped flared jeans and ankle boots.
  • Once you have your basic brown and black coat covered, consider getting an olive green coat for a refreshing bonus color.
  • Pair your casual sneakers with a dressy skirt for an outfit that’s fresh and chic.
  • When wearing all of one color, mix up the textures to add interest.
  • Consider draping a scarf over your hair, instead of under it, for an effortlessly casual and chic look.
  • Want to take a break from beanies but still need to keep your head warm? Put the pom pom hats away and embrace berets instead.

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