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How to Make Your Wardrobe Better in 3 Easy Steps

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Day after day you’re feeling bored, uninspired, and disappointed with your wardrobe. You know it’s possible to have a beautiful, versatile, and classic wardrobe, but you’re not sure how to get there. Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading for 3 easy and actionable steps you can use to make your wardrobe better in no time at all!

How to Make Your Wardrobe Better

1. Closet Clean Out Time!

The very first step is to cut out all the items that are holding you back. It’s almost impossible to move forward if you have these bad apples in your closet. If you see them, you’re just going to wear them, and it’s time to cut ties with these pieces!

These pieces are:

1. Anything that’s too small (or too big)
2. The abundance of memorabilia t-shirts (fundraisers, summer camp, etc)
3. Things you’re keeping just because you spent a lot of money on them 
4. Special event dresses that can’t be altered to get more use out of
5. Items with holes/stains/rips/pills
6. Clothes that were gifts but aren’t totally your style
7. Things that look tacky (like tarnished costume jewelry)
8. Too many sets of “painting” clothes
9. Things you haven’t worn in who knows how long
10. Clothes that you don’t feel confident in
11. Things that you’re just not feeling anymore

Read this post for a full explanation on why I think you should get rid of those pieces!

2. Discover (Or Refresh) Your Personal Style

If you wake up in the morning and stare at your closet in frustration, it could be because your closet doesn’t reflect the way you want to look. You can’t make your wardrobe look better if you’re stuck dressing for a past you!

Here are the steps to take to discover and refresh your personal style:

1. Find inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, and others
2. Gather inspiration from your own wardrobe (what do you already love?)
3. Survey & purge your closet (reference the “closet clean out time” for this)
4. Shop with your new wardrobe in mind!

Here’s a deep dive into all my tips on how to find your personal style!

3. Fill Your Wardrobe With Classic Pieces

It’s tempting to have a wardrobe full of cute, trendy, and cheap items, but one of the most important steps to making your wardrobe better is by filling it with good pieces! So what makes a clothing item good?

You love it and feel good in it.
It won’t go out of style.
The quality will last.
It matches other things in your wardrobe.
It elevates your whole outfit.

I have a ton of existing posts that will dive deep into these topics, so bookmark the posts below and come back to them with a hot cup of coffee!

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To sum up, you can make your wardrobe better by getting rid of the bad, filling it with good, and dressing for who you want to be. Of course, there’s more to each one of those steps so I encourage you to check out the other blog posts I linked!

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Making your wardrobe better is not an overnight process. Be patient with yourself! It will take time, but I promise you’ll love the results if you stick with it.

For even more information and a thorough guide, check out my eBook on building a wardrobe from scratch. Say goodbye to a wardrobe that brings you stress once and for all!

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